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Humanizing Healthcare- Removing Bias and Barriers - Health Equity for All

Humanizing Healthcare – Removing Bias and Barriers – Health Equity for All – Theresa Demeter MHA Tegria

Why we need to talk about health equity and implicit bias now. Tegria is a nationwide and international consulting firm that works with health organizations, non-profits, and employers to identify improvements in processes and teamwork, and help their patients, audiences, and workers benefit from truly humanized healthcare. Humanized healthcare means that each patient is recognized and treated as the individual each truly is, without cookie cutter approaches, biases imposed by members of the care team or even technology (as you will learn in this Show), or inefficiencies or delays due to cross-discipline lack of teamwork.   We learn about barriers to

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Why Your Website Needs to be Accessible to those with Disabilities

Why Your Website needs to be ADA Accessible to those with Disabilities – Landon Shefts

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) require web properties to be accessible to those with disabilities. Websites that do not comply can be subject to legal claims, with lawsuits increasing 300% in 2021 alone. Both large corporate and small business websites have been sued, resulting in out-of-court settlements, legal fees, and significant dedication of time. There are numerous softwares available to make websites compliant quickly and easily, but they differ widely in functionality and protections. Our guest describes the law, the legal environment, and how his product increases business and addresses visitors with visual

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Crushing Cancer Kerry Forrestal MD

Crushing Cancer: What To Do Hour 1 Day 1 from Diagnosis – Kerry Forrestal, MD

If and when you receive a cancer diagnosis, what can you do Hour 1 Day 1?To get the best outcome for your health, and your loved ones? Kerry Forrestal, MD and emergency room physician, has seen and delivered many cancer diagnoses in his emergency room, which is where many tumors get discovered. His family also has a strong history of cancer. He speaks from experience. And he’s written a book: “Crushing Cancer A Patient’s Complete Guide to Managing a Cancer Diagnosis.” The book guides you step by step on dealing with the diagnosis, preparing your body, psyche and finances for

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MW Advising Marya Wilson PhD

Sociologist Shares How to Manage Disruptive Change & Organization Transformation

MW Advising uses a Synergistic Leadership Model to help organizations achieve success with strong leadership, clear goals and communication, goal achievement balanced with compassion for staff. Are you a front-line employee, supervisor, manager, or executive in an organization that is going through significant change? Is your organization suffering from chaotic change, increases in sick leave, or significant loss of staff? Are you wondering how to make your work environment a healthier and more productive place to spend your day? The pandemic has forced all organizations to deal with disruptive change in an unpredictable, chaotic, and frightening environment.  We witnessed huge

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GoToHealth Media Wins Outstanding Education Award 2022

GoToHealth Media Wins Outstanding Education Award at Education 2.0 Conference

The International Education 2.0 Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 6-8, 2022, and the hometown company GoToHealth Media, LLC was recognized for an Outstanding Leadership Award in Education. A three-day, knowledge-intensive conference, the Education 2.0 Conference attracts the most dynamic leaders in the education sector and brings fresh insights and perspectives to empower, inspire, and enrich the global learning community. Celebrating its first anniversary, Jonathan Marx MBA, Founder and Host was honored and excited to accept the award. “Being invited to speak and lead a panel in the ‘Narrative for the Evolution in Education’ track was very inspiring. We discussed

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How Organization Health Effects your Personal Health Marya Wilson PhD

How Organizational Health Effects Your Personal Health – Marya Wilson, PhD

We go to work every day, and spend one third of our lives making a living, interacting with others, and conforming to organizational norms.  We want to feel valued and honored in our place of work, so that we know the work we are doing is productive and appreciated. Yet how many places of work recognize the value and input of their staffs?  According to research, one third of us feel uncomfortable and insecure in expressing our feelings and opinions in improving productivity and quality of life on the job. Marya Wilson, PhD is an organizational psychologist specializing in the

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Turning Burnout into Joy Mamta Gautam MD

Turning Burnout Into Joy – The Power of Resilience – Mamta Gautam, MD

How do we recognize, acknowledge, and heal burnout, especially in healthcare? Mamta Gautam, MD and psychiatrist to health professionals, has seen the Covid pandemic first hand through the eyes of the medical professionals she serves. The healthcare system, like our world, has been called VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.  For many of us, and particularly healthcare professionals, and especially women among them, this environment has created enormous burnout, which develops in three stages. In this presentation, Dr. Gautam describes the three stages of burnout and how to recognize them in oneself and others.  She discusses her journey to creating wellness

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YoYo Diets Don't Work - Heal your Relationship with Food - Sabrina Magnan

Yo-Yo Diets Don’t Work – Heal Your Relationship with Food – Sabrina Magnan, Certified Nutrition Coach

If you constantly find yourself adhering to your diet perfectly for a couple of days, only to find yourself caving & uncontrollably binging on ALL foods (then feeling guilty for lacking willpower), today we are going to help you understand the fundamental mistakes that cause this cycle. We’re going to explain why trying to double down on discipline and willpower isn’t the solution and how to get out of this “binge and restrict” cycle for good. Sabrina knows your pain.  “As a nearly professional ex-dieter, I know how exciting the first few weeks of a diet can feel – the

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Women Over 40: Is it Menopause? Alzheimers? Or am I Just Going Crazy!? – Debra Muth, ND

Menopause Symptoms Relief with Holistic Medicine So many women suffer from symptoms of menopause for three reasons: They don’t realize it’s coming on, or believe they are too young for it. Their conventional provider is not offering effective remedies They don’t want to fill themselves with prescription drugs and believe there are not better options. “Many of my patients come to me in the office or virtually, ” says Debra Muth, Naturopathic Doctor, “because they are frustrated with the options they’ve been told by their primary care doctor, what they’ve read, or misinformation from friends.” Debra Muth, ND and her

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Treat Addiction Reduce Pain Reverse Diabetes Gurpreet Padda MD

Treat Addiction – Reduce Pain – Reverse Diabetes – Gurpreet Padda MD

Do you know someone who: is in chronic pain and wants to reduce or solve the problem? is addicted to drugs, alcohol,  or substances and wants to get better? has diabetes, and would actually like to reverse it? In many ways, these three chronic issues are connected by metabolic illness, inflammation throughout the body,  poor nutrition and lack of movement. Gurpreet Padda, MD treats all three of these conditions.  He sees diabetic and addiction patients virtually.  He treats pain patients in his office in St. Louis, or can consult with your physician in your local area. Reach out to Dr. Gurpreet

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Level Healthcare Solutions Equitable Approach to Care Delivery

Level HCS helps Doctors engage Medicare patients with Care Management Services

LEVEL Healthcare Solutions ( brings relief to provider offices with reimbursable Chronic Care Services for Medicare patients which provide engagement and improved health outcomes. Medicare patients benefit from virtual (non-face-to-face) care coordination in between provider visits. One of the big challenges in effective healthcare is patient compliance. The doctor and patient discuss plans of action during the office visit, but it’s difficult for the patient to remember and/or follow through once they get home and back into daily life. If a doctor has time to see a patient for only 15-20 minutes, how can they possibly manage the care of

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How Medicare-funded Care Management Services Engage Patients in Chronic Care

How Medicare-Funded Managed Care Services Engage Patients in Chronic Care – Level Healthcare Solutions

Medicare patients can benefit from continuing healthcare between doctor visits.  How?  With “Managed Care Services.” Managed Care Services (MCS) are provided through doctor offices and are refunded at no cost to the physician.  Further, MCS are available to Medicare patients at little to no cost depending on one’s coverage.  (Supplemental insurance can often cover all but a small fee.) But how does a doctor’s office manage these services for the patient, when the doctor does not deliver them directly? Enter Level Healthcare Solutions. Level HCS brings manages services for doctors and patients in a wide variety of Medicare-covered areas:  obesity,

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BeCare Link

Mobile app helps Multiple Sclerosis patients by quantifying neurologic function – BeCare Link

BeCareLink empowers patients with MS / other neurologic conditions via Mobile App providing validated, quantitative measurements of neurologic function and cognition, improving reporting and care. BeCareLink is a Digital Health Startup company ( improving the care of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions by creating novel tools to quantify neurologic and cognitive function through gamified activities and questionnaires that are performed at home and analyzed through AI. The activities are performed on Android and I-phones and the data is transmitted securely to a medical provider of the patient’s choice via a physician portal. Additionally, patients can track their

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MedAdvisor Stem Cell Therapy

MedAdvisor advises employers, providers, patients on stem cell therapy for pain.

Regenerative medicine may replace unnecessary surgeries for less cost and recovery time. MedAdvisor consults with employers, patients, and others on available cell therapies and vetted clinics. Stem cells, produced naturally by the body to heal injuries and wounds, can be extracted from a patient’s blood, concentrated, and then re-injected into chronic pain points, such as shoulders, knees, and hips, to help repair joints and reduce or eliminate pain without the cost, time, and recovery of some surgeries. Our own bodies produce the proteins and growth factors which are now used in modern medicine to relieve pain and handle debilitating diseases

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The Cannabinoid Cookbook Joseph Feuerstein MD

Energize Your Endocannabinoid System with FOOD – Joseph Feuerstein, MD

Did you know that you have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in many points throughout your body?  Everyone does- it’s one of the secrets to better overall health. Your ECS regulates your sleep cycle, mood, memory, appetite, pain sensations and much more.  Further, your ECS is important in memory formation, reducing inflammation, and controlling energy balance.  Your endocannabinoid system works to keep your internal environment stable.   Medical marijuana and CBD are hot topics these days and there is so much discussion about THC and CBD effects.  But did you know that there are foods that can do the same thing?  Without

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Stem Cell Therapy - Help for Health Professionals

Stem Cell Therapy for Patients – Healing without Surgery – MedAdvisor

Help for Patients Anthony Hartley MBA of explains how stem cell therapy can work for pain and other chronic conditions. If you are a patient with a chronic condition or pain, please visit to learn how stem cell therapy can be a solution for you without surgery, without lost work time, and for less cost. No tags for this post. Related Posts No related posts.

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Stem Cell Therapy - Help for Health Professionals

Stem Cell Therapy for Employers – Healing without Surgery – MedAdvisor

Help for Employers Anthony Hartley MBA of explains how stem cell therapy can work for pain and other chronic conditions. If you are an employer, please contact Anthony Hartley to discuss how stem cell therapy can be a solution for your employees without surgery, without lost work time, and for less cost. No tags for this post. Related Posts No related posts.

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Stem Cell Therapy - Help for Health Professionals

Stem Cell Therapy for Healthcare Providers – Healing without Surgery – MedAdvisor

Help for Healthcare Providers Anthony Hartley MBA of explains how stem cell therapy can work for pain and other chronic conditions. If you are a healthcare provider or organization, please contact Anthony Hartley to discuss how stem cell therapy can be a solution for your patients without surgery, without lost work time, and for less cost. No tags for this post. Related Posts No related posts.

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Make America Healthy

“Make America Healthy” – New Podcast from YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw

Visionary Wellness expert and YogaFit founder Beth Shaw launches a weekly hour-long show called “Make America Healthy,” promoting paths to health and wellnessto national and international audiences. Beth Shaw, the creative visionary and entrepreneur in health and fitness, wellness educator, best-selling author, philanthropist, and founder of YogaFit is launching an exciting new podcast on Wednesday February 2, 2022, entitled “Make America Healthy.” “Make America Healthy” is a weekly LIVE radio show on’s Empowerment Channel and syndicated on seven podcast networks including Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify, Sketcher, iHeart Radio and TuneIN Radio. The show will feature guests who focus on

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Empowering MS Patients to Monitor their MS Symptoms from home

Empowering patients to monitor their multiple sclerosis symptoms and neurologic function from home – Charisse Litchman, MD

Patient access to their physicians is a primary mover for healthcare improvement in 2020’s.  One of the ways to enable close connection and communication is through easily useable mobile phone apps which allow patient input and secure data sharing with a chosen doctor’s office. By playing games on your phone and answering questions about how you feel, the BeCare app can generate objective measurements of changes in your neurologic function, your cognition and your mood. It captures data about what meds you have been on and the benefit you experienced, the frequency and nature of your MS flares, your mood,

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Work Out Your Fat Shame with Bevin's Fat Kid Dance Party

Work Out Your Fat Shame with Bevin’s Fat Kid Dance Party

Are you embarrassed about your weight, the shape of your body, being out of shape, or disabled in some way? So many folks are out of touch with their bodies due to shame. If shame created health results, then everyone would be thin in a society that stigmatizes fat bodies.But shame keeps us inactive, hidden, feeling sorry for ourselves. This one-of-a-kind program created by Bevin helps folks make peace with the only body they are ever going to have. Clients come to this program, often shy and reluctant, and leave with a sense of pride, confidence in movement, improved abilities

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Self Healing with Stem Cell Therapy – Anthony Hartley MBA MedAdvisor

Are you suffering from knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain?Did you know there is a proven alternative to surgery? This is amazing. Our body produces stem cells which are used throughout life to heal injury. Medical technology is now able to extract your own stem cells, process them, and inject them back into your body where it hurts. And this therapy, called regenerative medicine, is now keeping people out of surgery for years or perhaps life. Just think. No surgery. No long recovery time. No drugs or chemicals. Just processed stem cells from your own body. What a miracle. And

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Fertility Break-through Gabriela Rosa

Natural Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility & recurrent miscarriage with Gabriela Rosa ND MPH

Are you, or do you know someone, who is having trouble with fertility or multiple miscarriages? Our guest is Gabriela Rosa, ND MPH is a Naturopathic Doctor in Sydney Australia who sees patients virtually world-wide. Over the last 2 decades Gabriela has helped thousands of couples create their fertility breakthrough and overcome infertility and recurrent miscarriages even when other treatments have failed. Gabriela and her team of clinicians blend evidence-based science into a holistic, supportive and education-focused approach to fertility treatment for patients all around the world with an almost 80% live birth rate. Watch now as we interview Gabriela

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Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery Jessica Leggio

Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery – Jessica Leggio Biomechanics

Do you have chronic pain that the doctor, surgeon and chiropractor can’t fix? Are you tired of the side effects of endless pain medication and injections? Are you the weekend warrior or serious athlete who wants to recover and be an athelete again? Would you like to attain the dream of living pain free? Our guest, Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, can help with her unique programs that heal, retrain, and maintain previously injured bodies. Jessica is a sports biomechanics expert who has healed her own injuries and helped thousands heal theirs. Listen and learn how Jessica’s clients bring their challenges,

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Whole Person Diagnosis and Treatment - Daciana Iancu MD

Whole Person Diagnosis and Treatment – Daciana Iancu, MD – Integrative Medicine

Would you value a physician who sits down with you for a long appointment to hear your full situation? Would you like a physician who evaluates not only your physical health, but your energy, connection to others, and how you approach the world spiritually? We’re talking here about integrative medicine – the combining of Western allopathic medicine (focusing on how we are sick) and Integrative Medicine (evaluating us as a whole person and focusing on how we can live a more healthy life.) Daciana Iancu, MD describes her wholistic practice, and her special training in Anthroposophic medicine – evaluating the

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Healthy Boundaries A Must for Mental Health - Glen Alex LCSW

Healthy Boundaries: A Must for Mental Health – Glen Alex, LCSW

Let’s have an honest conversation about stress, anxiety and depression.They are not simply symptoms of family history or chemical imbalance. Often I’ve seen in my practice that these expressions of poor mental health are caused by poor, weak, or NO boundaries.I’ve seen so many cases of  how poor boundaries contribute to poor mental health.But saying “No” is not the only boundary you need. The unwillingness to say no, the lack of awareness of harmful people, and unhealthy expectations can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelm, which all negatively impact mental AND physical health. Tune in to learn how you

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Meditation as a Way Out of Fear - Beth Shaw

Meditation as a Way Out of Fear – Beth Shaw YogaFit

For more than a year we’ve been living in a world where fear has become the norm. We receive subtle and not-so-subtle messages communicating fear, leaving us concerned about our health, uncertain about being around others, isolated physically, mentally, or both, and worried about the future. The world has changed. A new norm is on the horizon, and that can feel scary. The good news is that each of us is in charge of our thoughts and feelings. Meditation can help each of us recognize the places in our lives where we hold fear and where we may be using

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Hypnosis for Vibrant Health and Energy - Dianna Whitley

Hypnosis for Vibrant Health and Energy – Dianna Whitley

Enjoy the FREE Hypnotherapy Session in this Video. Our conscious mind handles 5-7 things at a time. Our SUB-conscious mind handles thousands. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?There’s a lot that goes right – in keeping us safe and learned in the world. And there’s a lot we outgrow over time… and it doesn’t serve us well today. Our Guest Dianna Whitley knows how to help you turn off those old tapes and create new experiences and paths to bring us into greater health. Through hypnotherapy. She is a certified hypnotherapist and coach with 25 years’ experience who has run large

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Alexander Hage How Vitamins and Nutrients Help Brain Health

How Vitamins and Nutrients Help Brain Health – New Brain Nutrition – Alexander Haege, MD

Did you know your brain is the most active organ in your body, and uses more than 50% of the nutrients you take in?  It’s true.  In this video, Alexander Haege, MD shares the role vitamins and nutrients play in enabling our brain to work optimally.  Dr. Haege is part of a large EU-funded research project consisting of 18 universities and medical centers studying how our nutrition and lifestyle affect our mental health.  The project is called “Eat2beNICE” and you can learn more from their blogs, videos and tip sheets at No tags for this post. Related Posts No

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How Exercise Keeps Your Brain Healthy Silke Matura

How Exercise Keeps Your Brain Healthy – New Brain Nutrition – Silke Matura, PhD

We usually think that exercise helps our body, but it helps our brain too.  Did you know that your brain is the most active organ in your body and uses more than 50% of all the nutrients you feed yourself?  But how much exercise?  How often?  And what kind of exercise? Silke Matura, PhD, psychologist and researcher, shares her latest research on exercise and overall health.  She is part of the EU-funded European consortium of 18 universities and medical centers called “Eat2beNICE.” All the project’s blogs, videos, and tip sheets can be enjoyed at  No tags for this post.

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How Diet and Lifestyle Affect Your Mental Health – New Brain Nutrition – Alejandro Arias-Vasquez PhD

How Diet and Lifestyle Affect Your Mental Health Want to learn more about how to achieve and maintain optimal health?  Your brain function and brain health are intimately and directly tied to your gut health. More than 50% of your nutrient intake is used by the most active organ in your body – your brain!  In this video, Alejandro Arias-Vasquez, PhD teaches us about the gut-brain connection, and the research that is being done throughout Europe to learn more and prove what diet and lifestyle do to optimize your mental health.  He is the coordinator of the EU-funded project called

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Clinical Trials How They Work in Making New Medicines - Research Data Support, LLC

Clinical Trials and how they work in making new medicines – Research Data Support, LLC

Do you want to know more about how drugs and medical devices get tested before they get released to the market? How about their safety? How about their effectiveness? Joseph Sameh, President of Research Data Support, LLC, shares his expertise and experience (great stories included!) with us in this interview on: clinical trials and how medicines are approved for safety and effectiveness, successful solutions to patient-provider communications, and “micro-apps that his company is developing and how you can be a beneficiary. You can reach Mr. Sameh at: You can express your interest in the new micro-app in development: Medication

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Cancer The Integrative Perspective Nathan Crane

Cancer The Integrative Perspective – Filmmaker Nathan Crane

Award-winning producer and filmmaker Nathan Crane shares the story behind his quest to research and learn everything there is to know about cancer therapy and integrative medicine.  His film, Cancer The Integrative Perspective is a testament to his persistence and dedication to helping as many people as possible understand the facts about cancer: It is not a death sentence. Your genes do not determine your health. You can manage the three most important things in your life that reduce inflammation and keep you healthy, even in the face of cancer. Eating a health dietManaging your emotions and stressGetting proper exercise

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Colon Hydrotherapy – Amazing Healing Waters – Jolli Neal

A healthy gut is the primary vehicle for your health, energy, adequate rest, and daily comfort. Have indigestion, cramping, constipation, diarrhea?  Feeling weak and lousy?  It’s worth getting your gut in better shape as a first place to start. You might go for the cleanse, the enema, the laxatives.  They might provide temporary symptom relief, but they can provide a partial solution only and can dehydrate your colon.  Not a good idea. Colon hydrotherapy provides a gentle, thorough hydration of your colon, which is as long as you are tall, and helps flush out impacted material, old sludge, and toxins

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Tenacity in Children Robert Brooks PhD Sam Goldstein PhD

“Tenacity in Children” Book Interview – Sam Goldstein PhD and Robert Brooks PhD

Tenacity in Children First, you have to share this interview with friends, parents, teachers, counselors – anyone who wants to help a child develop more productively. Sam Goldstein PhD and Robert Brooks PhD have collaborated on their fourteenth book, and this one outlines the three survival instincts in humans from birth which don’t serve us so well these days, and the seven innate instincts which all people have from infancy which can be nurtured and determine the course of one’s life. These two masters present positivity and hope for peoples’ development at all ages in life, backed by robust research

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Evidence-Based Medicine: What It Is and Why We Have It – Jonathan Marx MBA

Tenacity in Children GoToHealth Found and Host Jonathan Marx, MBA, helps us understand the science behind medical science. With all the information and news updates we have been exposed to with the Covid-19 virus and the mutation of the Delta variant as it spreads through the population, it is an opportune time for all of us to become more familiar with the terminology and processes of medical science. This Show presents the concept of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), and how healthcare system advances are based on data and results, rather than theories and unsubstantiated rumors.  We explain the process of clinical

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