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Clinical Trials – How they work in making medicine – Joe Sameh Research Data Support

Joe Sameh, President
Research Data Support, LLC
LIVE Wednesday September 15, 2021
12:00pm PST (GMT-8), 3:00pm EST

With all the awareness of vaccine development around Covid-19, we thought it would be the perfect time to learn the steps that all medications and medical devices go through before they get released to the public.

The gold standard is a double-blinded placebo clinical trial – where the test drug results are compared with a placebo, and where neither the participant nor the researcher know who is getting what: the drug or the placebo.

Clinical trials go through 4 phases:  safety, effectiveness, large population tests, and post-market monitoring.

Learn more about these steps, and hear great stories about this process from Joe Sameh, serial entrepreneur and expert in clinical trials and patient-provider communications.

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Joe Sameh has decades of experience dealing with tens of millions of patient initiated health care related requests through his MediConnect company. Sameh’s innovations in healthcare communications include patents issued on patient portal technology and (applied for) early identification of contagious disease tracking (syndromic surveillance).
Understanding the problems patients and doctors had with communications has been the centerpoint of his career. Recognized as a thought leader and for changing paradigms, he is interested in continuing to improve patient – provider communications.

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