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Our Most Popular Services

  1. Manage your Business with Your One-Stop Business App
  2. Schedule and sync meetings with your calendar
  3. Get listed correctly throughout the internet
  4. Spread your word with our Award Winning video services
  5. Shine with Web Content and SEO Services
  6. Get known on social media, with great reputation
  7. Paid advertising services

2022 Awards

Global Health & Pharma 2022 Award GoToHealth Media

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Our Accomplishments

Partial Client List

  • 20 Years experience in medical marketing and communications
  • Two 2022 Awards for communications and education
  • 700,000+ views on our ADHD YouTube channel
  • Attracted and trained 33,000 health professionals with online CME
  • 317,000+ web visits on our website
  • 100,000+ web visits on our younger European website
  • Health communications trainer for the US Centers for Disease Control for past 10 years
ADHD in Adults
Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce
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  • Webinar Director and Host for large medical education company
  • “GoToHealth” weekly show has 20,000+ downloads in 36 countries in first year