Health Promotion Marketing Services

Are you looking for help with:

  • standing out from the crowd for your practice, non-profit or company?
  • greater visibility, web visits, and phone calls?
  • converting more prospects to clients from your marketing?

We create, optimize, and distribute
Health and Medical Content.

Let’s get you out to your audience so that you can effect more lives.

Your Journey

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From: “Frustrated and Unsure”

Doctor frustrated with marketing

To: “Satisfied and Successful”

Doctor satisfied with marketing
With our Expertise and Guidance

  • 20 years in health communications
  • Friendly, knowledgeable
  • Multi-media literate and internet savvy
  • Great for individual practices, societies, large projects

2022 Awards

Global Health & Pharma 2022 Award GoToHealth Media
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1. Our Most Popular Services - Click to learn more.

In-depth, professional interview showcasing your expertise and services.  Pre-recorded and edited video. Dissemination on VoiceAmerica (largest internet radio station) and 8 podcast networks.

We write, you approve, we publish.
Enjoy dissemination on 400+ news websites and higher Google ranking and traffic. 

Your website downloaded on peoples’ mobile devices. Enjoy direct messaging, phone calls, appointment reminders, and more. 95+% content engagement. SPECIAL OFFER thru August 31.

Bring your contact list back to life. Your “list” is a great resource that can bring you new revenues.  Let’s do this together for a quick return.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

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2. Other Services to Consider

Your GoToHealth Interview video on YouTube for more distribution.  Your video on our YouTube channel. You can embed on your website. Enjoy even more distribution of your professional interview.

Make your website accessible, reducing lawsuit risk. Health websites are being sued for ADA non-compliance. Let’s enable your website to accommodate all visitors.

Create and disseminate your CME Content. We record and edit your content, obtain accreditation, and distribute it in partnership with a large international CME website.

Redesign / update / optimize your website. Want more traffic, optins, business? Let us help you reach your target audience and turn them into raving fans.

Produce video in a variety of formats. Video is a highly powerful way to get your message out to clients and new audiences.  We produce and disseminate for you.
Market your services with consistent content production. Build your audience with blogs, give-aways, new pages, posts, offers, and social media posting.
Want to educate your audience in a free or paid course series? We record, organize, and disseminate your content with “easy-to-access” software for your learners.

Expand your reach with Google and Facebook Ads.
We optimize your ad design, copy, and landing page  to bring you visitors who turn into clients.

Our Accomplishments

Partial Client List

  • 20 Years experience in medical marketing and communications
  • Two 2022 Awards for communications and education
  • 700,000+ views on our ADHD YouTube channel
  • Attracted and trained 33,000 health professionals with online CME
  • 317,000+ web visits on our website
  • 100,000+ web visits on our younger European website
  • Health communications trainer for the US Centers for Disease Control for past 10 years
ADHD in Adults
Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce
eMedEvents logo
  • Webinar Director and Host for large medical education company
  • “GoToHealth” weekly show has 20,000+ downloads in 36 countries in first year
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