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Wednesday 10/20/21

How Future Healthcare will Change our Lives #HLTH2021 Jonathan Marx

Do you worry about the healthcare for you and your family over the next decade?
Will you be able to afford it?
Will you be able to access it when you need it?

The United States has the most expensive healthcare per capita AND ranks dead last in health outcomes compared with 10 other high-income countries. This according to the August 2021 annual survey from the Commonwealth Club.

The fourth annual #HLTH2021 conference just ended, and we’ll report to you on what major health companies as well as start-ups are planning for the next decade so that US healthcare quality and affordability can improve.

Join us and learn how we can be at the head of the pack instead of at the back!

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Jonathan Marx, MBA is the Founder and Host of GoToHealth Media, LLC. He has 20+ years in medical communications and trains the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in the subject. He creates and manages large health education websites for the public and continuing education for health professionals. Prior to his health career, he was a senior executive in multi-media corporations in cable television, yellow pages, and high-speed internet. He is a specialist in adult learning.

Jonathan holds a BA in Psychology from Stanford University and a Masters in Business Administration from the Stanford University School of Business.

Jonathan can be reached best at