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How You Can Age in Health – Dr Judy Ford PhD

Judy Ford, PhD
The Lifestyle Doctor
LIVE Wednesday July 21, 2021
12:00pm PST (GMT-8), 3:00pm EST

Dr. Judy Ford has used her background as a geneticist and cell biologist to research and discover WHY and HOW we age.

Armed with this information, she has written a book called  ‘Why We Age’ in which she explains the biology of aging in an all-inclusive way for the first time. Judy Ford PhD is a geneticist/cell biologist who herself has contributed some significant research in the field of aging.

In Why We Age, Dr. Ford puts together many of the currently disparate theories and explains how the various ‘theories of ageing’ need to be considered together rather than as separate and/or competing ideas. Because of her unusual cross-disciplinary knowledge, Dr Ford is able to explain how all the pieces of the complex puzzle fit together: Telomeres, Senescence, Fat Metabolism, Mitochondria and Inflammation are all part of this one encompassing explanation that is easy to understand.

We are honored to share this enlightening interview with you so that YOU can pursue health aging in consultation with your own physician.

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Dr. Judith Ford is a geneticist who has a long research history in human reproduction, cancer and ageing. Her work has included studies on the mechanisms of error during cell division and diagnostic research on mutation, as well as chromosomal structural and numerical changes underlying cancers and human developmental abnormalities.

In the late 1980's she and her team undertook a unique, community-based study of the environmental and lifestyle abnormalities affecting natural fertility and pregnancy loss.

She now teaches online courses in the biology of aging and in 2019 published the book Why We Age: Solving the Puzzle of Aging (Biology of Aging: Your Guide to Healthy Aging)