The 4-Step System to Ignite Your
Health Practice to New Levels in 2022

Health practices are coming back slowly from Covid.
Most practices get 45% of their business from patient referrals.
But relying on referrals is passive and unpredictable.

Would you like to
stop waiting?
Become more proactive?

Save money and time in getting results?

We have developed a
4-step system
to drive instant
exposure, traffic, & sales.

Is your Engine of marketing and business growth stalled?
You are among many who are getting back on your feet.
We’re each looking for a new and better year in 2022!
Covid or Not.

It's Time to Reignite your engines of visibility and profitability!

Here's the HELP you NEED in 4 Steps.


Interview on nationwide media (LIVE or pre-recorded)
to reignite your presence locally and beyond


Press release on 350+ news sites to achieve more exposure, Google rank, and web traffic


5 powerful online trainings – systematic, proven marketing processes you can implement


1:1 support to assure your Ignition
You are not alone

Get ready NOW for a great 2022!

You’re buying holiday gifts for the family. Give YOURSELF the gift that will fire the engines of your influence and transformation for 2022, so that you can help more people
lead better lives.

$4,000 of marketing exposure
for only $497

This offer is limited…
Available for the first THIRTY (30)
health professionals who register.

Let's Talk. Before this fills up.

30 Day Money-back guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your investment,
we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


“Jonathan Marx has a unique ability to locate and engage with knowledge experts in the health profession, drawing out their best wisdom for the benefit of his listeners. His GoToHealth broadcasts are informative and offer practical information that can lead to positive health transformation.” David Smith, MDiv
David Smith, MDiv
“Jonathan Marx is an outstanding moderator and host. I was pleased to participate in his Voice America, GoToHealth program. Jonathan made the experience a breeze. He is an excellent listener and facilitator. I’ve known Jonathan for many years and in that time he has contributed mightily to the health field. I recommend subscribing and following his GoToHealth series.”
Marcia Ruben, PhD
“I highly recommend GoToHealth Media for everyone who has a health message to share. Jonathan Marx made the interview process simple and comfortable. I am very pleased!” Glen Alex, LCSW
Glen Alex, LCSW

“Go To Health is the new cutting edge podcast to go to for all your health and well being interests and concerns. I had the pleasure of being a guest and interviewed by its host Jonathan Marx, and found him to be an incredibly wise, savvy and intuitive interviewer. He skillfully elicits valuable and relevant information that can inspire and motivate his viewers to live their best quality life possible. Tune in each week so that you can tune up and live YOUR best quality life!”

Jane Greer, PhD

This would easily cost you $4,000
for interview and media placement,
he press release writing and distribution,
the powerful video trainings, one-on-one and support.
$ 2,500

Interview and Media Placement

$ 300

Press Release Nationally

$ 700

Individual Strategy and Messaging Coaching

$ 500

5 Video Trainings, Sold Separately

We are not charging $4,000.
Or even $3,000.
Or $2,000.     Or $1,000.

Our Ignition 2022 fee is just $497.

Because we’re good at what we do, we’ve done it for years,  and have worked great deals with long-term vendors we love.
And we want to understand your challenges and help you succeed.
When we help you, you help thousands, and that’s our mission.
Offer Limited to the First Thirty Professionals
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your investment, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
30 Day Money-back guarantee

Who is offering Ignition 2022?
Meet Jonathan Marx, MBA,     Founder and Host, GoToHealth Media, LLC

Jonathan Marx GoToHealth Producer & Host
I’ve been working to promote health professionals for 20 years since 2001.

My background is in media and marketing, with a focus on healthcare.

Energetic, expert, fun to work with.

Some of my work:
“GoToHealth” Weekly Show
Founder and Host
  • Welcoming guest speakers in health care to promote their expertise, products, services
  • On the largest internet Radio Station – VoiceAmerica
  • On 7 top Podcast networks- Google, Apple, Amazon and more
  • On
  • Audience growth at astonishing 35% per month
US Centers for Disease Control
Featured Trainer
  • Trainer in medical communications since 2013
  • Produced 90 webinars from 25 topics on scientific medical writing, public education, editing, and  presentation design
  • Taught cum 8,100 attendees with recruited faculty
  • Recontracted yearly based on high audience satisfaction
Dissemination Director
  • Managing marketing for 18 European University medical centers researching how nutrition and lifestyle affects mental health
  • Organized content production and dissemination
  • 82,000 web visits
  • 59% of visits from keyword optimized content marketing posts
Founder and Marketing Director
  • Produced 40 hours of CME
  • Trained 32,000 health professionals in ADHD diagnosis and screening
  • Produced 20 hours public education
  • 627,000 YouTube views
  • Co-wrote numerous government and pharma grants
Twenty-year communications career as Senior Executive in multi-media companies
  • Viacom Cable
  • Pacific Bell Yellow Pages
  • TiVo digital recording
  • ISP Channel, high speed internet pioneer
Ignition 2022 e-learning

Recording session in Madrid, Spain

What's Included?

Video and Audio Interview – to reignite visibility

  1. Interview: A LIVE or pre-recorded 18-minute video interview appearing for an entire year on:
    • The high-visibility GoToHealth Media website;
    • Voice America, the largest US internet radio station,
    • 7 podcast networks including Google, Apple & Amazon.
    • With an audience growing at an astonishing rate of 35% per month.

  2. Dynamic website content for you:
    • Posting the video Interview on YOUR website.

Nation-wide press release on 350+ news sites

  1. We write the press release.
    • Based on your Show interview
    • Newsworthy to get picked up by outlets
    • You approve before release
  2. 350+ backlinks (connections) to your website
    • Shows your website is newsworthy
    • Google ranking improves because backlinks prove popularity
    • You get final report of distribution

Access to 5 Powerful Marketing Training Videos

  1. Healthcare Provider tested.
    • Top ranking video trainings used with Chamber of Commerce
    • Great for assignment to your Practice Manager or Assistant
    • Watch repeated times in our Learning Management System to strengthen learning and retention
  2. Presented by Health Marketing and Promotion Experts
    • Years of consulting with health practices
    • Content is current and valuable for growing a business or practice

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

  1. Pre-interview training video and discussion
    • Help you identify your target market
    • Understand and focus on their most important pain points
    • Provide your solution that takes them from Pain Island to Pleasure Island
  2. Strategy Session for your Interview
    • Main points to cover
    • Questions you want asked
    • Pre-recording of the session
    • Techniques for your best presentation so that you look and sound fantastic.

Don’t Miss Out

$497 for services worth $4,000

Offer Limited to the First THIRTY (30) Professionals
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your investment,
we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
30 Day Money-back guarantee