We are Recruiting Sponsor Partners

We are recruiting Sponsors in the medical and health fields to have major presence on our weekly radio show and websites. With advertising and promotional presence, as well as speaker opportunities to present medical or health information, your company has a stellar opportunity to reach our VoiceAmerica Radio audience.  VoiceAmerica has 3.5 million monthly listeners in 160 countries, and has 300,000 followers on social media.  Each episode is syndicated on seven podcast networks and averages 100,000 downloads.   

Most shows will be geared toward the public.  One show per month will be dedicated to continuing education oppportunities for professionals.

Go To Health Radio is highly placed on the most popular Variety Channel of VoiceAmerica, and airs LIVE for one hour per week every Wednesday from 12:00pm – 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

Terrific Advertising, Educational, and Promotional Opportunity

What a terrific educational and promotional opportunity for your service or product!  We encourage all Sponsor Partners to have a Call to Action they can promote as a next step for interested audience members.

  • All radio shows are promoted heavily on both VoiceAmerica and GoToHealth Media prior to the LIVE airing.
  • Once the program airs live, it is promoted and replayed once again on VoiceAmerica.
  • Your show resides in the archives of VoiceAmerica.
  • Your show resides in the Recordings of GoToHealthMedia, and will be a recurring promotional topic in our social media postings.
  • Your Sponsorship can have a life and benefit far beyond the LIVE show and REPLAY.
  • Your show is syndicated on seven podcast networks.  VoiceAmerica episodes average 100,000 downloads.

Partner with Us and Become a Sponsor for 13 Weeks

Sponsor Package Table
Sponsor Package
Mentions (1)
Speaking Segments (2)
Video Spots (3)
Gold Partner(3 avails)
Silver Partner(3 avails)
$  7,900
Bronze Partner(4 avails)
$  3,900

(1) Includes number of 30 sec spots, host mentions, banner ads for 20-minute Segment
(2) Includes number of guest speaker segments (host approved)
(3) 30 or 60 sec spot provided by advertiser

Next Step

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Jonathan Marx, MBA
702-755-1041 jonathanmarx@gotohealthmedia.com
Jonathan Marx, MBA, Founder, GoToHealth Media

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