Web Traffic Breakthrough Program for You

Three Months of Medical Marketing
Grow $30k or Your Money Back

Does your Medical Practice, Non-Profit or Business make Monthly Revenue of $20,000 or more?

If yes, our 3 month marketing and promotion program will increase your revenue
by $30,000 in 90 days, or your money back.

We have over 20 years’ experience in award winning health promotion and medical marketing.
We know how to attract, engage, and convert audiences. We look forward to learning about yours.

web traffic breakthrough health promotion marketing GoToHealth Media

1. Traffic and Engagement Service

Your website showing up, getting clicked on in search, and building your email list:

    1. SEO research for key terms people are searching for

    2. Creating content on your website using keywords in Page Titles, meta descriptions, and page content

    3. Installing software on computers and cellphones for SEO

    4. Generating 500 web visits per month based on keywords

    5. Assuring a free give-away in exchange for list building

    6. Headline testing to encourage optins

    7. Placement testing to optimize list building

2. Multi-Media Content & Dissemination

Video interview of you in your own words- outline and coaching prep included:

  1. Sharing What You Do, What Problems You Solve, How You Solve Them, and Why You Do This

  2. Three twenty minute video segments recorded and edited so you sound and look brilliant

  3. Posted on YouTube and our Website

  4. Repurposed into video shorts, optimized SEO descriptions (12)

  5. Repurposed into blogs (12)

  6. Repurposed into social media posts (24) on your platforms and ours

  7. Four press releases with 350+ backlinks each to your website, raising Google rank

3. Online Advertising

We optimize your online ads to attract your target audience.  We guide you in posting to advertising platforms best for you!

  1. Google

  2. Facebook

  3. Bing, and more

4. Progress Reporting

We set up and measure results together so we learn best practices for your organization reaching the audiences you target.

  1. Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console

  2. Creating an accessible shared Results Report

  3. Teaching you how get and post results

Schedule a Time to Talk

Half hour meeting.  We’ll learn more about your challenges and goals and share more about these and other services we offer in effective medical marketing.