Worldwide Exposure

When you become a Sponsor or Speaker with Go To Health, you immediately get unparalleled exposure in multi-media around the world.

The combination of placement on VoiceAmerica’s top-rated Variety Channel, and this GoToHealth website are a superb combination to promote your company, your products, your services to increase sales and ROI.

Below are all the benefits you receive when you become a Sponsor or Speaker.  Your world has just grown!

Variety Channel on Voice America

Sponsor / Speaker Benefits

Broadcast Weekly to 53 Million in 140 Countries

GTH radio can be heard weekly from 12 noon – 1:00pm PST GMT-7 (beginning Wednesday, April 7, 2021) on the most popular Variety Channel on  VoiceAmerica is the leader in internet Talk Radio, in business since 1999, and reaches an audience of over 53 million people in 140 countries.  It is followed by over 300,000 people on social media.

The Listening Audience – High End Prospects

According to research provided by VoiceAmerica, its digital consumers are predominantly white collar, educated, entrepreneurial, involved with corporate purchasing decisions, live in $75k+ households, are heavy consumers of internet media, and are above average online spenders.  54% have spent over $500 online, 35% spending more than $1,000, and 18% spending more than $2,500.

The Phenomenal Growth of Internet Radio

In addition to the higher end audience, internet radio (including podcasting) is experiencing tremendous growth.  According to Buzzsprout (Jan 2021), 68 million Americans listen each week, and 2021 advertising revenue is expected to grow 35% and top $1 billion for the first time.  Further, 78% of listeners don’t mind ads, 62% would consider buying after hearing an ad, and 67% remember the ads they hear on podcasts.

Voice America AND GoToHealth Media

Worldwide Exposure

VoiceAmerica and GoToHealthMedia offer strong support for its hosts and shows, attracting new listeners daily through multi-media exposure.  Your Sponsorship will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Promotion during the Live Show and Replays
  • Archived presence in the On Demand Library
  • Syndication on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and Tune-In Radio
  • Show promotion on Facebook, LinkedIN, and RSS feeds
  • Banner Ads, audio spots, and eCards are available for purchase

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Web-Based Replays and Syndication

GTH and its social media family of properties promote replays of the radio show (of which it owns copyright and syndication rights) and additional education for target audiences.  The radio show and this website work in tandem to provide maximum promotional opportunities for both show sponsors and guest speakers.

Website Promotional Benefits

GoToHealth Media also offers strong support for its Sponsors and Speakers via:

  • Ownership and copyright of each show for distribution and linking
  • Archiving of each show on the GTH website (launching April 2021)
  • Promotion in GTH social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube
  • Promotion in ever-growing list of GTH email subscribers
  • Link promotion to Sponsors and Speakers from GTH Media
  • Posting and promotion of Sponsor and Speaker blogs on GTH media

Your Host - Expert in Medical Communications

Jonathan Marx, MBA served in C-Level positions in media and communications companies for 25 years with his own radio and tv shows.  Since 2001, as an entrepreneur, he has hosted hundreds of hours of live webinars and recordings on medical and health topics with the CDC, large corporations, and small practices.  He teaches medical communications and marketing in health.  You will benefit from his well-developed expertise to serve your needs.  Learn more.

Invest in your Company, Product, Service - Explore Pricing