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AARP Caregiver’s Travel Guide for Disabled Patients
Amy Goyer - Family Caregiving Expert

Did you know there are 48 million caregivers in the U.S.? That’s one in  7 of us.  Amazing individuals who provide for parents, children, disabled friends or relatives.

Unfortunately it can be a stressful job.  40% say they rarely feel relaxed. 60% say caregiving has increased their levels of stress.  And caregiving can feel isolating, stuck at home or in an institution.

Half of adult caregivers have avoided a personal trip with their care recipient due to the difficulties involved.

But wait!  Help is on the way.  Vacations with your loved ones can create memories that last a lifetime – but you need the right resources and know-how to ensure smooth travel.

Today, we are presenting A Caregiver’s Guide to Travel.  Our guest is an AARP Caregiving Expert who is sharing how to plan ahead and create an incredible vacation for both caregivers and their recipients.

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