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The Cannabinoid Cookbook Joseph Feuerstein MD

Did you know that you have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in many points throughout your body?  Everyone does- it’s one of the secrets to better overall health. Your ECS regulates your sleep cycle, mood, memory, appetite, pain sensations and much more.  Further, your ECS is important in memory formation, reducing...

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Empowering MS Patients to Monitor their MS Symptoms from home

Patient access to their physicians is a primary mover for healthcare improvement in 2020’s.  One of the ways to enable close connection and communication is through easily useable mobile phone apps which allow patient input and secure data sharing with a chosen doctor’s office. By playing games on your phone...

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Work Out Your Fat Shame with Bevin's Fat Kid Dance Party

Are you embarrassed about your weight, the shape of your body, being out of shape, or disabled in some way? So many folks are out of touch with their bodies due to shame. If shame created health results, then everyone would be thin in a society that stigmatizes fat bodies.But...

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Are you suffering from knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain?Did you know there is a proven alternative to surgery? This is amazing. Our body produces stem cells which are used throughout life to heal injury. Medical technology is now able to extract your own stem cells, process them, and inject...

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Fertility Break-through Gabriela Rosa

Are you, or do you know someone, who is having trouble with fertility or multiple miscarriages? Our guest is Gabriela Rosa, ND MPH is a Naturopathic Doctor in Sydney Australia who sees patients virtually world-wide. Over the last 2 decades Gabriela has helped thousands of couples create their fertility breakthrough...

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Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery Jessica Leggio

Do you have chronic pain that the doctor, surgeon and chiropractor can’t fix? Are you tired of the side effects of endless pain medication and injections? Are you the weekend warrior or serious athlete who wants to recover and be an athelete again? Would you like to attain the dream...

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Whole Person Diagnosis and Treatment - Daciana Iancu MD

Would you value a physician who sits down with you for a long appointment to hear your full situation? Would you like a physician who evaluates not only your physical health, but your energy, connection to others, and how you approach the world spiritually? We’re talking here about integrative medicine...

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Healthy Boundaries A Must for Mental Health - Glen Alex LCSW

Let’s have an honest conversation about stress, anxiety and depression.They are not simply symptoms of family history or chemical imbalance. Often I’ve seen in my practice that these expressions of poor mental health are caused by poor, weak, or NO boundaries.I’ve seen so many cases of  how poor boundaries contribute...

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Meditation as a Way Out of Fear - Beth Shaw

For more than a year we’ve been living in a world where fear has become the norm. We receive subtle and not-so-subtle messages communicating fear, leaving us concerned about our health, uncertain about being around others, isolated physically, mentally, or both, and worried about the future. The world has changed....

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Hypnosis for Vibrant Health and Energy - Dianna Whitley

Enjoy the FREE Hypnotherapy Session in this Video. Our conscious mind handles 5-7 things at a time. Our SUB-conscious mind handles thousands. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?There’s a lot that goes right – in keeping us safe and learned in the world. And there’s a lot we outgrow over time…...

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How Future Healthcare will Change our Lives #HLTH2021 Jonathan Marx

Live on Voice America Wednesday 10/20/21 Video Available on This Page Monday 10/25/21 Do you worry about the healthcare for you and your family over the next decade?Will you be able to afford it?Will you be able to access it when you need it? The United States has the most...

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Alexander Hage How Vitamins and Nutrients Help Brain Health

Did you know your brain is the most active organ in your body, and uses more than 50% of the nutrients you take in?  It’s true.  In this video, Alexander Haege, MD shares the role vitamins and nutrients play in enabling our brain to work optimally.  Dr. Haege is part...

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How Exercise Keeps Your Brain Healthy Silke Matura

We usually think that exercise helps our body, but it helps our brain too.  Did you know that your brain is the most active organ in your body and uses more than 50% of all the nutrients you feed yourself?  But how much exercise?  How often?  And what kind of...

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How Diet and Lifestyle Affect Your Mental Health Want to learn more about how to achieve and maintain optimal health?  Your brain function and brain health are intimately and directly tied to your gut health. More than 50% of your nutrient intake is used by the most active organ in...

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Clinical Trials How They Work in Making New Medicines - Research Data Support, LLC

Do you want to know more about how drugs and medical devices get tested before they get released to the market? How about their safety? How about their effectiveness? Joseph Sameh, President of Research Data Support, LLC, shares his expertise and experience (great stories included!) with us in this interview...

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Cancer The Integrative Perspective Nathan Crane

Award-winning producer and filmmaker Nathan Crane shares the story behind his quest to research and learn everything there is to know about cancer therapy and integrative medicine.  His film, Cancer The Integrative Perspective is a testament to his persistence and dedication to helping as many people as possible understand the...

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A healthy gut is the primary vehicle for your health, energy, adequate rest, and daily comfort. Have indigestion, cramping, constipation, diarrhea?  Feeling weak and lousy?  It’s worth getting your gut in better shape as a first place to start. You might go for the cleanse, the enema, the laxatives.  They...

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Tenacity in Children Robert Brooks PhD Sam Goldstein PhD

First, you have to share this interview with friends, parents, teachers, counselors – anyone who wants to help a child develop more productively. Sam Goldstein PhD and Robert Brooks PhD have collaborated on their fourteenth book, and this one outlines the three survival instincts in humans from birth which don’t...

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GoToHealth Found and Host Jonathan Marx, MBA, helps us understand the science behind medical science. With all the information and news updates we have been exposed to with the Covid-19 virus and the mutation of the Delta variant as it spreads through the population, it is an opportune time for...

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How You Can Age in Health Dr Judy Ford

Judy Ford, PhD delivers a masterful explanation on the aging process and what role we can play in reducing symptoms and slowing it down. Her decades of experience as a geneticist, cell biologist, epidemiologist and educator enable a clear, concise explanation for mastering the art and science of aging healthfully. ...

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How Neuroscience Can Help You Reach Your Goals - Marcia Ruben, PhD

Dr. Marcia Ruben shares her ground-breaking research into how insights from neuroscience can be used to help us reach our goals, and the important role it can play in Executive Coaching. If you’ve got some life goals in mind, listen in, and take some notes on this very interesting interview...

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The Global Market Place for Medical Education - eMedEvents

Nicholas Nugent, PhD, Marketing Director, and Kim Vigil, Director of Global Sales and Business Development, discuss the world of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and how it has changed during and since Covid. They also highlight three virtual  projects eMedEvents did during the pandemic to continue educating doctors at a time...

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Anxiety Depression Substance Use Obesity ADHD

Individuals with anxiety, depression, substance use, mood disorders, or obesity often have an underlying condition of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and should be screened for ADHD symptoms.  Conversely, ADHD patients and their providers should be on the lookout for the symptoms listed previously. How do we know this?  Thanks...

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Kathy OShea Migraines So Much More than a Headache

PLEASE SHARE THIS EPISODE WITH ANYONE WHO SUFFERS FROM MIGRAINES.  THANK YOU. Professor Kathleen O’Shea, who manages her own migraine headaches and lifestyle, shares her motivation to do something positive with her suffering from debilitating migraines. Her outcome?  A wonderful book on “Understanding Migraine through Literature.”  As she describes the...

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Jennifer Martin How to Make Funeral Planning Easier for Everyone

Jennifer Martin, Funeral Director in Queens, New York, offers helpful advice about the benefits of doing some funeral planning in advance, and what to look for in a Funeral Director you would want to work with.  All so that the proceedings are focused on honoring the sacred passing of a...

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Medical Cannabis Update Cliff Mintz, PhD

Cliff Mintz, PhD gives us an update on the state of Medical Cannabis in the United States.  We discuss: Why cannabis has medical effects in the body, and better understand the body’s endocannabinoid system The types of research and clinical trials currently being conducted in the United States, and What...

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Physician Burnout and How To Avoid It

We learn about Physician Burnout and How to Avoid It. 1 hour CME is available for this presentation. You may also register for a related 6-CME unit course online.

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David Gray Straps Ninja

David Isaac Gray, elite athlete and circus performer, gets people in shape (at all levels and ages) with circus arts.  Circus Arts practice develops your whole body and “surprises” your muscles with never-ending variety in routine so that neither your muscles or you get bored with working out. Known as...

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Dr Jane Greer PhD - The Afterlife Connection

Dr. Jane Greer, PhD, shares how those of us living can be in touch with and get messages from those who have passed. Dr. Greer is a classically trained psychotherapist and knows the healing that can take place for so many when we are open to peoples’ energies and communications. ...

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Anthony Hartley Stem Cell Therapy

Anthony Hartley, MBA from helps us understand the new technology of Regenerative Medicine and how it is helping patients with arthritis without the need for surgery.  This is an exciting new solution using the latest methods of stem cell therapy.

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