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Hypnosis for Vibrant Health and Energy – Dianna

Enjoy the FREE Hypnotherapy Session in this Video. Our conscious mind handles 5-7 things at a time. Our SUB-conscious mind handles thousands. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?There’s a lot that goes right – in keeping us safe and learned in the world. And there’s a lot we outgrow over time…...

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How Future Healthcare will Change our Lives –

Live on Voice America Wednesday 10/20/21 Video Available on This Page Monday 10/25/21 Do you worry about the healthcare for you and your family over the next decade?Will you be able to afford it?Will you be able to access it when you need it? The United States has the most...

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How Vitamins and Nutrients Help Brain Health –

Did you know your brain is the most active organ in your body, and uses more than 50% of the nutrients you take in?  It’s true.  In this video, Alexander Haege, MD shares the role vitamins and nutrients play in enabling our brain to work optimally.  Dr. Haege is part...

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What We Do

GoToHealth Radio (GTH) is a weekly hour-long internet talk-radio show featuring health and medical information provided by health experts from around the world, including evidence-based educational information from western, alternative, and holistic practices.


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The Radio Program is supported by here and social media properties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Instagram), with continual updates to promote shows, sponsors, and speakers before and after each episode to drive exposure, credibility, and sales.

Go To Health Media - Our Mission

We see a communications gap between: 
a) the public seeking relevant, reputable, and proven solutions to their healthcare needs, and
b) healthcare / wellness providers and product companies trying to reach target audiences with quality information, services, and products.

Our primary purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming multi-media interactive environment in which Sponsors and Speakers can educate people on health topics relevant to many, with actionable information from which the audience can benefit.   And audiences can get their questions answered by the Experts.

Follow-up connections with Sponsors and Speakers are highlighted, so that our radio, website and social media audiences can achieve their optimal health via reputable health services and products.

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