Healthcare Marketing and Promotion

Want These Kind of Results for YOUR Healthcare Marketing Campaign?

Note: While these are multi-year campaigns, significant results were obtained in the first year.

GoToHealth Media is successful in developing engagement in multi-media, whether it be from your website, on YouTube, social media plaforms, email campaigns, as well as on continuing education platforms.  It’s all about developing audience, trust, credibility, and valuable content over time.  


Website Engagement

E2BN Web Visits 2018-2022

YouTube Engagement

AIA YouTube Views 2014-2022

CME/CEU Engagement

AIA Cum CME Sessions

GoToHealth Media Partial Client List

20+ Years' Success in marketing and promoting healthcare practices, societies, non-profits and companies

The four key ingredients of success are:

  1. Multi-media integrated approaches
  2. SEO and keyword research and implementation on what your target audience is looking for
  3. Compelling content that solves your audience problems
  4. Building effective campaigns over time


The SECRET SAUCE is in how and when we put it all together.