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David Gray

Reach David at Instagram: Work Experience 2000-Present Corporate Events Featured Airealist, International 2019 "O" Cirque du Soleil Acrobat, Aerialist, Diver 2018 Amanzi One Drop Acrobat, Cirque Du Soleil 2017 Corporate Events Le Reve Las Vegas (LV) 2016 Amanzi One Drop Cirque Du Soleil 2014 Exposure Aerialist Light Nightclub 2013-2014 Sirens of TI Stunt man/Diver Treasure Island 2011-2013 "Speed" Holiday on Ice Wheel of Death/Aerialist 2010-2017 Broadway Bares,NY Aerialist, Living Art of Armando 2008-2010 Le Reve Generalist Wynn Casino, LV 2008-2011 Perfecto Aerialist/Acrobat, Palms Casino, LV 2008 Star Princess Cruises Guest Entertainer, Acrobat 2008 Celebrity Cruises Guest Entertainer, Featured Aerialist 2007-2008 MSC Lirica Cruise Guest Entertainer, Featured Aerialist 2005-2007 Celebrity Cruises Guest Entertainer, Featured Aerialist 2005-2006 P&O Cruises Jean Ann Ryan Prod. Aerialist 2005 Carnival Paradise Cruises Xingolati Aerialist 2005 Deborah Gibson Live Featured Aerialist, Flying Dreams 2004 Exotic Erotic Ball Featured Aerialist 2004 Burning Man, Vau de Vire Featured Aerialist 2003-2004 Tokyo DisneySea Featured Aerialist, Mystic Rhythms, 2002 In the Seelie Court Featured Aerialist, City Circus 2002 July 4 Water Parade Featured Aerialist, Monte Rio 2001 Magic and Mayhem Featured Aerialist, City Circus 2000 Bringing Fantasy Alive Aerialist, City Circus 1997 Bye Bye Birdie Vocalist, CU Company Television 2014 America's Got Talent, Acrobat/Wheel of Death 2009 Latin Grammy Awards Aerialist/Acrobat Le Reve 2007 Starfish Health TV Featured Acrobat Training 2004 Aerial Rope, Aerial Tissu – Tanya Scully 2001-2002 American Style Straps – Pete Doyle 2000-2003 Trampoline – Sergey Zenov 2000-2003 Chinese Pole/Acrobatics, Hand Balancing, Chinese/Russian Aerial Straps – Master Lu Yi 2000 Flying Trapeze – Tony Steel 1997-1999 Cheerleading – Jeremy Tengwall 1993-1997 Vocal (Tenor/Baritone) – Marian Wyatt, Gordon Goldberg 1993-1997 Acting – Sue Aldridge 1993-1997 Power Tumbling – Jamie Ellis, Don Osborne 1992-1994 Diving – Don Waybright 1984-2003 All Around Gymnastics – John Messervy, Oleg Kosyak, Pete Doyle, Don Osborne Extra Skills Figure Skating, Diving, Roller Blading

Circus Training Fit Fun Fabulous - David Isaac Gray

07 Circus Training Fit Fun Fabulous David Isaac Gray

David Isaac Gray, elite athlete and circus performer, gets people in shape (at all levels and ages) with circus arts.  Circus Arts practice develops your whole body and “surprises” your muscles with never-ending variety in routine so that neither your muscles or you get bored with working out. Known as the “Straps Ninja” you can …

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