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Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin has been a Funeral Director for twenty-eight years, twenty-seven of those years working in Queens, NY where she lives with her husband and three sons. Jennifer’s goal is simple. Help families thru one of the most challenging times of their lives while ensuring they are educated on what burial consists of. Death is not something that is spoken about around the dinner table. Families have little understanding of what should take place after death occurs. Jennifer is well known for her kindness, professionalism and the ability to guide families in making the best possible choices for their loved ones. Jennifer is very active in the Queens Community where she has an excellent reputation for the work she does both at Schwartz Brothers and within the community. She is on the Boards of The Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association, Queens Community Board Eight, Queens Jewish Community Council and the Friends of the Library. Jennifer enjoys speaking to groups of all ages about everything from funeral customs to preparing funeral arrangements in advance. Reach Jennifer at:

Jennifer Martin How to Make Funeral Planning Easier for Everyone

Funeral Planning: How to Make it Easier for Everyone – Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin, Funeral Director in Queens, New York, offers helpful advice about the benefits of doing some funeral planning in advance, and what to look for in a Funeral Director you would want to work with.  All so that the proceedings are focused on honoring the sacred passing of a loved one, rather than the …

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