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Cancer The Integrative Perspective – Filmmaker Nathan Crane

Award-winning producer and filmmaker Nathan Crane shares the story behind his quest to research and learn everything there is to know about cancer therapy and integrative medicine.  His film, Cancer The Integrative Perspective is a testament to his persistence and dedication to helping as many people as possible understand the facts about cancer:

  1. It is not a death sentence.
  2. Your genes do not determine your health.
  3. You can manage the three most important things in your life that reduce inflammation and keep you healthy, even in the face of cancer.

Eating a health diet
Managing your emotions and stress
Getting proper exercise

Sounds trite, but the evidence and the studies truly show these are the primary determinants of your health, not the genes you are born with, which may or may not express themselves depending on how you take care of yourself.

Nathan Crane’s film, Cancer The Integrative Perspective is a great education in one sitting, provided by knowledgeable and world-known  medical professionals, determined patients who are living the disease, and the artful touch of Nathan’s vast pool of talent.

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A preview of the film.

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Founder at The Panacea Community | 877-335-2683 | | Website | + more

Nathan Crane is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, plant-based athlete, event producer and documentary filmmaker. Nathan is the Founder of The Panacea Community, Creator of the Global Cancer Symposium, and Director and Producer of the documentary film, Cancer; The Integrative Perspective. By his early twenties Nathan overcame years of addiction, jail and homelessness to become an international teacher and speaker of health and healing. Mr. Crane has received numerous awards for his contribution to health, healing, and personal development including the Outstanding Community Service Award from the California Senate for his outstanding work in education and empowerment with natural methods for healing cancer. Nathan is a regular contributor to a number of national magazines, has appeared on dozens of television and radio interviews, and teaches at conferences, expos, retreats and festivals around the country.

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