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Clinical Trials and how they work in making new medicines – Research Data Support, LLC

Do you want to know more about how drugs and medical devices get tested before they get released to the market? How about their safety? How about their effectiveness?

Joseph Sameh, President of Research Data Support, LLC, shares his expertise and experience (great stories included!) with us in this interview on:
  • clinical trials and how medicines are approved for safety and effectiveness,
  • successful solutions to patient-provider communications, and
  • “micro-apps that his company is developing and how you can be a beneficiary.
You can reach Mr. Sameh at:
You can express your interest in the new micro-app in development:
Medication Tracker for You and Loved Ones

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President at Research Data Support, LLC | + more

Joe Sameh has decades of experience dealing with tens of millions of patient initiated health care related requests through his MediConnect company. Sameh’s innovations in healthcare communications include patents issued on patient portal technology and (applied for) early identification of contagious disease tracking (syndromic surveillance).
Understanding the problems patients and doctors had with communications has been the centerpoint of his career. Recognized as a thought leader and for changing paradigms, he is interested in continuing to improve patient – provider communications.

Reach Mr. Sameh at