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Colon Hydrotherapy – Amazing Healing Waters – Jolli Neal

A healthy gut is the primary vehicle for your health, energy, adequate rest, and daily comfort.

Have indigestion, cramping, constipation, diarrhea?  Feeling weak and lousy?  It’s worth getting your gut in better shape as a first place to start.

You might go for the cleanse, the enema, the laxatives.  They might provide temporary symptom relief, but they can provide a partial solution only and can dehydrate your colon.  Not a good idea.

Colon hydrotherapy provides a gentle, thorough hydration of your colon, which is as long as you are tall, and helps flush out impacted material, old sludge, and toxins that can make you irregular and feeling less than your best.

Colon hydrotherapist Jolli Neal, of Amazing Healing Waters in Las Vegas, NV, educates us on the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, how it works, and the improved feeling so many experienced after one or a few treatments.

Learn more about your colon hydrotherapy health here.


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Jolli Neal Amazing Healing Waters Las Vegas

Jolli Neal is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Owner and Technician of Amazing Healing Waters in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been in business 9 years and is very passionate about it because of her success in helping others. She has helped numerous clients solve their issues, be it the digestive system, choosing a healthier life style, paying attention to ones diet or just feeling all around better!