Welcome Concentris Project Leaders!

We look forward to recording your audio and video which we will use to disseminate your important project information and education. Your Segment will be broadcast on LIVE radio to 160 countries in audio, and live on our website in video for interested viewers to enjoy and learn.

On this page, you will complete two of three steps.
Step 1: Top of Page
  • You schedule your recording, in the Calendly calendar app.
  • You can choose a Monday or Tuesday at 5pm Central European time for recording.
  • Your segment can be 16 minutes long, with slides.
  • You can arrange for multiple 16 minute segments through Concentris.
Step 2: Bottom of Page
  • You supply all the information about you and your presentation so that we can promote your Segment in advance and afterward in replay.
Step 3: Signed Agreement
  • We will send you an Agreement you must sign and return with your recording date and dissemination conditions.

Step 1 of 3: Schedule Your ZOOM Recording

Click the Red 60 Minute ZOOM Recording below to schedule a Monday or Tuesday at 5:00pm Central European time.

Step 3 - Signed Agreement

Following your completion of this information, we will send you an Agreement to sign.
We look forward to recording your Segment.
For recording, your ZOOM ID is 415 519 2800.

QUESTIONS?  Please email jonathanmarx@gotohealthmedia.com.