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Crushing Cancer: What To Do Hour 1 Day 1 from Diagnosis – Kerry Forrestal, MD

If and when you receive a cancer diagnosis, what can you do Hour 1 Day 1?
To get the best outcome for your health, and your loved ones?

Kerry Forrestal, MD and emergency room physician, has seen and delivered many cancer diagnoses in his emergency room, which is where many tumors get discovered. His family also has a strong history of cancer. He speaks from experience.

And he’s written a book: “Crushing Cancer A Patient’s Complete Guide to Managing a Cancer Diagnosis.”
The book guides you step by step on dealing with the diagnosis, preparing your body, psyche and finances for treatment, and much more.
You can buy the book here:

We interviewed Dr. Forrestal after a shift in his practice… an interview full of helpful information.

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Kerry Forrestal MD - "Crushing Cancer"

Dr. Forrestal has been an Emergency Medicine Physician for the past 21 years. In addition, for 17 years previously he was a medic in EMS and a member of a whale and seal stranding team. He holds a Masters of Business Administration, has been a professor at several colleges in both science and business departments, an officer in the New York Air National Guard 106th Air Rescue Wing, the founder of the Career Cultural Competence initiative at the Stony Brook School of Medicine, a researcher in domestic violence, an Ocean Life Guard on one of Long Island's busiest beaches, and has taken several medical missions to Haiti.

Cancer is a particular interest as it has afflicted his family multiple times. Dr. Forrestal has seen cancer care issues in the Emergency Department over the past two decades and felt moved to publish THE book for how to manage ALL aspects of cancer care. His book, "Crushing Cancer - A Patient's Complete Guide to Managing a Cancer Diagnosis" can be found at