GoToHealth Media CME - CEU Services

We provide the entire range of
CME / CEU Services:
  • Content Creation
  • Accreditation
  • Marketing and Dissemination
  • Reporting

Physician Group CME

Tell us about your CME / CEU activity and we will:

  1. Schedule a 1:1 conference call to optimize your Activity
  2. Offer you an affordable price for creation, dissemination and reporting
  3. Schedule a recording of your Activity, to be edited so you sound and look brilliant
  4. Explore CME/CEU certification for your Activity if needed
  5. Post and Host your Activity for one year on our Platform
  6. Monthly marketing on Platform
  7. Four emails to target providers provided by You
  8. Provide recurring reporting on number of participants

Sample CME / CEU Activities Recorded for Clients

**Title slides only. No link.

Azizi Sexias, MD webinar
Kimberly Hunchuck, MED CPFT CME webinar
Mary Solanto CBT
Neuroimaging_Imp_comp_nutrition_Dan van Rooij PhD