GoToHealth Media Medical Meeting Promotions

Medical Meeting Promotions is a specialty of GoToHealth Media.  We interview Keynote and Subject Speakers in short 3-5 minute videos about their Conference topics in advance of your Meeting.

You get to post these videos on your website and YouTube, or we can do it for you.

We can also turn the content into a blogs and social media posts for a multi-media approach.

Our experience with these videos is they have three huge benefits:

  1. They promote your Meeting and increase attendance.
  2. They bring new traffic to your website to educate your target audiences and encourage Membership or engagement.
  3. They educate the public about your goals and expertise.

Medical Meeting Promotional Video Samples

Promote Your Medical Meeting Today!

  • Get Your Word out in Multiple Media on Multiple Platforms

  • Increase your Meeting Attendance and Membership

  • Improve public understanding of your fine work