GoToHealth Media SEO Service

You’ve got a beautiful website you are happy with. Your message is just the way you want it.

BUT….. is anyone seeing your content?  How many visitors are you getting?  How many people are opting in to your list or contacting you for services?

Most healthcare organizations we have worked with focus simply on their web content and not their traffic and optins.



We created traffic to these websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

We can work on your traffic as well.

AIA webvisits 2014-2020
E2BN Web Visits 2018-2022

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Whenever you go on the web to search something, you type in a few words to describe what you are looking for.  Those are called keywords.

Google and Bing and other services keep track of those keywords and how many times people type them in.

We research those keywords with special tools.

And we analyze your website and messaging and match them up with keywords people are searching for in your field.

We then recommend two things:

  1. A list of keywords people are searching for that will likely bring up your website, and
  2. The placement of those keywords in important places on your website

SO THAT when people type in relevant keywords, your website will show up in the list of websites to visit.

We track how many times your website shows up, what percentage of the time people click on your website, and nurture more traffic with continual testing and variations of keywords.

Listings on Major Search Engines

There are over 200 Search Engine Listing Sites on the Internet.  We assure your website is listed with all your content and details on the vast majority of major Listing Sites.

Having your contact information (phone, address, contacts) consistent throughout the internet provides improved rankings and crediblity for your website.

Benefits of SEO for Healthcare Websites

SEO brings more traffic to your website because you are using keywords your audience is searching for.

The more traffic you get, the higher your ranking is in search engines such as Google and Bing.  That means when a list of websites is shown for keywords people are searching for, your website rises up on the list.  People typically click on websites on the first page of a search engine because those websites are the most popular.

We work to get your website in better ranking position in search engines so that more people visit your website.

We use SEO in our Blog and Content Writing Services as well as in our Social Media Campaigns for you.

We analyze your results over time and work on continuing recommendations for keywords and website placement.