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GoToHealth Media Wins Outstanding Education Award at Education 2.0 Conference

The International Education 2.0 Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 6-8, 2022, and the hometown company GoToHealth Media, LLC was recognized for an Outstanding Leadership Award in Education. A three-day, knowledge-intensive conference, the Education 2.0 Conference attracts the most dynamic leaders in the education sector and brings fresh insights and perspectives to empower, inspire, and enrich the global learning community.

Celebrating its first anniversary, Jonathan Marx MBA, Founder and Host was honored and excited to accept the award. “Being invited to speak and lead a panel in the ‘Narrative for the Evolution in Education’ track was very inspiring. We discussed the various ways in which people learn in person and online, and the ever-important need for training teachers in sensitivity to different learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and gender identities, plus being able to work with students who have learning differences, and emotional challenges including trauma.”

The mission of the show “GoToHealth” is to improve health communications and health outcomes through education, motivation and engagement with the public and professional audiences. Via internet radio, website, social media. “Elevate Your Life with Expert Health News You Can Use” is the stated goal of the show.

Each week, a health provider, non-profit, or company appears as a guest to offer evidence-based education to an ever-growing public throughout the United States and in twenty-three other countries to date. The show is one hour long and covers who the guest helps and how, the background of the company and what motivated the founder, and the next steps the audience can take to improve their health outcomes by contacting the expert guest.

To date, the show has featured guests speaking about cancer, menopause, yo-yo diets, multiple sclerosis, addiction and pain, stem cell therapy, hypnosis, meditation, how exercise and diet effects brain function, anxiety and depression, medical cannabis and cannabinoids, migraines, physician burnout, and many other topics of interest to the public.

Listeners can guide the show by sharing their favorite topics and getting updates about upcoming shows.

The Show is seen in video on the company’s website, and heard in audio on the largest internet radio station VoiceAmerica as well as seven podcast networks: Google, Amazon, Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart Radio and TuneIN Radio.

Mr. Marx stated, “I’ve been in health and medical education for twenty years, and to be recognized for an Award in our efforts to educate both the public and health professionals on our one year anniversary of the new show, is tremendously satisfying.”

GoToHealth Media will be working in alliance with other professionals who attended the Conference to create valuable health education content for students of all ages.

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