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How Vitamins and Nutrients Help Brain Health – New Brain Nutrition – Alexander Haege, MD

Did you know your brain is the most active organ in your body, and uses more than 50% of the nutrients you take in?  It’s true.  In this video, Alexander Haege, MD shares the role vitamins and nutrients play in enabling our brain to work optimally.  Dr. Haege is part of a large EU-funded research project consisting of 18 universities and medical centers studying how our nutrition and lifestyle affect our mental health.  The project is called “Eat2beNICE” and you can learn more from their blogs, videos and tip sheets at

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Head of Research at | +49 621 1703-4541 | | Website | + more

Alexander Hage, MD, is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and the Head of Research at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim Germany. He is a researcher for the EU-funded project “Eat2beNICE” made available to the public and scientists at

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