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Migraines – So Much More Than a Headache – Professor Kathy O’Shea


Professor Kathleen O’Shea, who manages her own migraine headaches and lifestyle, shares her motivation to do something positive with her suffering from debilitating migraines.

Her outcome?  A wonderful book on “Understanding Migraine through Literature.”  As she describes the migraine symptoms she and others so commonly experience, along with the migraine medications one must be vigilant to take, we learn first-hand the experience of migraineurs in coping with the current one, and awaiting the next.

In her search for a positive outlook, to her delight, as a Professor of English, she turned to literature and found a vast collection of insightful and emotional writings by brilliant authors.

Her collection of essays are profoundly helpful for sufferers of migraine, those who love and care for them, and even the medical doctors who specialize in neurology and headaches.  Literature puts into words what many migraineurs have a difficulty describing.

Enjoy this interview and Professor O’Shea’s book on better understanding migraines – so much more than a headache.


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Kathy Oshea So Much More than a Headache

Kathleen J. O’Shea is a professor of English and humanities at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY and a 43-year sufferer of migraine. She has been published in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Popular Culture and Opera Magazine and is a regular blogger on Migraine with Psychology Today.

She can be reached at