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Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery – Jessica Leggio Biomechanics

  1. Do you have chronic pain that the doctor, surgeon and chiropractor can’t fix?
  2. Are you tired of the side effects of endless pain medication and injections?
  3. Are you the weekend warrior or serious athlete who wants to recover and be an athelete again?
  4. Would you like to attain the dream of living pain free?
Our guest, Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, can help with her unique programs that heal, retrain, and maintain previously injured bodies. Jessica is a sports biomechanics expert who has healed her own injuries and helped thousands heal theirs.

Listen and learn how Jessica’s clients bring their challenges, work through them with Jessica’s programs and guidance, and restores people to full functionality – even into their 50s 60s and 70s.

RunPainFree, Inc helps people in pain and runners with injuries fix, heal and correct their pain through innovative injury recovery programs. With over 85K hours in injury correction alone, finding the root cause of the injury or pain the person is in, tells the story to the body that we map out to detect the dysfunction to make it functional and then condition it to stay that way to be stronger after injury. Literally.

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About Your Presenter

Founder at | 347-598-0170 | | Website | + more

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio is the leading authority in recovering from physical pain or injuries. She co-founded #RunPainFree, Inc. a company focused on helping people in pain and runners with common run injuries, Fix, Heal, & Correct their ailments through their Injury Recovery Programs.

Given her expertise, she has helped thousands of people from all around the world get over chronic pain, identify the root cause of their ailments, so they could return to living life pain free. Undeniably, her proven #RunPainFree Program and strategies have changed the running community of today and have even set new standards for recovering from common pains and ailments without conventional devices and pain medicine.

She shares her life’s work (over 85,000 hours with injuries alone) to enable more people to live pain free and more runners to run pain free without physical limitations. From her masterclasses to her #RunPainFree Program, and #RunPainFree Bootcamp, you will be able to access the mind of the injury expert herself, thereby bringing yourself one step closer to running and living life pain free.

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