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Safe Aging at Home - Homewatch Connect
Todd Houghton, President and CEO

Nearly 40% of adults over age 60 report feeling lonely.  Did you know that loneliness and depression can be the leading factor in cognitive decline including dementia?

Thankfully, technology is playing a big role in seniors lives by letting them live independently and safely at home.

As baby boomers transition into their golden years, the demand for senior care technology that connects parents and children is skyrocketing. Now, more than ever, many seniors desire to continue living at home. In fact, if given the choice, 77% of adults over 50 would prefer to age in place. However, many of the adult children of these seniors, who play a crucial role in this journey, are concerned about safety and socialization.

Now, there is new care technology available that allows seniors to fulfill these wishes, supporting both adult children and seniors by virtually connecting them with caregivers, family and friends.  The in-home technology also enables virtual medical appointments, making it easy for seniors to get medical care without visiting and waiting in the doctor’s office.

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Todd Houghton

Todd Houghton is President and CEO of Homewatch Caregivers, a nationwide company providing in-home technology to keep seniors aging in place, as well as caregiver services. He has spent several years in the homecare sector with Brightstar Group Holdings and Comfort Keepers/Sodexo. Todd graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics/Business.