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5.0 Rating From 9 Reviews.
on 10, Sep 2021
This site is consistently high quality, informative and highly recommended. D Michael Josephson Director Ha Retreat & Conferences Waikanae New Zealand
David Michael
from Waikanae, New Zealand
on 07, Sep 2021
Enjoyed recording my show about my new book “The Better Brain.”
Julia Rucklidge, PhD
from Christchurch, New Zealand
on 31, Aug 2021
Jonathan Marx has a unique ability to locate and engage with knowledge experts in the health profession, drawing out their best wisdom for the benefit of his listeners. His GoToHealth broadcasts are informative and offer practical information that can lead to positive health transformation.
from Las Vegas, NV
on 19, Aug 2021
Jonathan is very easy to work with. He has great interviews with super-knowledgeable people. Everyone should take a look or listen!!
Jolli Neal
from Las Vegas, NV
on 05, Aug 2021
Great show.
Sam Goldstein, PhD
from Salt Lake City, Utah
on 03, Oct 2021
Jonathan Marx is an outstanding moderator and host. I was pleased to participate in his Voice of America, GoToHealth program. Jonathan made the experience a breeze. He is an excellent listener and facilitator. I’ve known Jonathan for many years and in that time he has contributed mightily to the health field. I recommend subscribing and following his GoToHealth series.
Marcia Ruben, PhD
from San Francisco, CA
Wise, savvy, intuitive interviewer
on 13, Oct 2021
Go To Health is the new cutting edge podcast to go to for all your health and well being interests and concerns. I had the pleasure of being a guest and interviewed by its host, Jonathan Marx , and found him to be an incredibly wise, savvy and intuitive interviewer. He skillfully elicits valuable and relevant information that can inspire and motivate his viewers to live their best quality life possible. Tune in each week so that you can tune up and live YOUR best quality life!
on 04, Nov 2021
I was interviewed on Go to Health, and Jonathan Marx made it not only easy – it was fun. I’m a hypnotherapist, and he asked interesting questions that got me talking almost non-stop. It’s a great program and Jonathan is a consummate professional that made the whole process relied – and now I have a video/audio of it that will help me promote my practice. Thank you Jonathan.
Dianna Whitley, Hypnotherapist and Coach
from Las Vegas, NV
on 18, Nov 2021
I highly recommend GoToHealth Media for everyone who has a health message to share. Jonathan Marx made the interview process simple and comfortable. I am very pleased!
Glen Alex, LCSW
from Las Vegas, NV