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The Blessings and Poetry of Chronic Illness – Abby Caplin, MD

Abby Caplin, MD counsels California Clients with Chronic Illness

Every once in awhile, we invite a health expert on the show who is also engaged in the arts.  While medical science is the language of facts, research, data,  diagnosis and treatment, the arts is the language of the heart.  And when we combine the language of medicine with the language of art, we round out our total human experience to combine factual knowledge with emotional, social, and spiritual content.

We have the pleasure of speaking with a practicing physician who expresses herself in the language of poetry.  She has just published a book of poems titled “A Doctor Only Pretends – Poems about illness, death and in-between.”   Dr. Abby Caplin also lives with a chronic health condition which inform her work as both a physician, patient, and poet.

In this interview, we hear about the transformation those with chronic illness can achieve in transcending their physical pain and discomfort to understand what their higher love and purpose is in the world.  And we get the added treat of understanding this through the art of an award-winning poet.

Enjoy the insights you will glean in this show.

You can reach Dr. Caplin through the links below, and purchase her book for your enjoyment.

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Abby Caplin, MD is a physician and practices mind-body medicine in San Francisco, California.  In addition to being a doctor, she is also a poet who captures what is going on inside the body and combines it with extraordinary insight into what is going on inside the soul.  She has been a finalist for the Rash Award in poetry, the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award, a semi-finalist for the Willow Run Poetry Book Award, and an award recipient of the San Francisco Poets Eleven, and a nominee for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, and the Pushcart Prize, the Best of Small Press and the most honored literary project in America.