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The New Hybrid Work World challenges organizations to re-examine productivity

Tiffany Shlain discusses how Covid 19 has moved us to a Hybrid Work World in which we must intentionally decide when to work at home and when to make progress at the office. She also tells us how to balance life with her book: "24/6 - Giving Up Screens One Day a Week to get more time, creativity and connection."

Tiffany Shlain is not only an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and a Marshall McLuhan Book Award Winner, and the Founder of the Webby Awards, and an Albert Einstein Foundation Genius, and the author of one of Entrepreneur’s 12 Productivity and Time-Management Books to Read – whew – she has recently published a highly popular book on how to balance work with life by taking one day off a week to get more time, creativity and connection.  She discussed the new world of “hybrid work” recently in an interview with Jonathan Marx of GoToHealth Media.  Since the Covid 19 pandemic, so many of us have had to stay isolated and work at home.  “The transformation of the workplace is something that is going to stay with us afterwards,” she says, adding “enabling people to re-orient their lives around their home rather than the office.”   Society is in transition to a hybrid work world, in which some of our work time will be in person at the office, and some of our time will be spent working at home.   Two important questions arise from this new world we are in.First, we need to think more intentionally about what kinds of interactions are best in person, and what kinds of activities can be accomplished equally or more successfully virtually, from home. “We’ve been working with companies to discover what’s best for people, team collaboration, their own mental health, their creativity and productivity.  What needs to be in person, how often should the team come in, what can be done remotely.  Our clients are figuring this out consciously via lecture series and interactive sessions.” This topic is fascinating to Tiffany as a working mother who wants to be around for her children as they grow, and also as the head of a film company who has only met two times a week for the last fifteen years.  She shares her experiences and applicability with her corporate clients in an exploration of how we will now work together in this new “hybrid work world.” The issue that arises is that with people working at home more frequently, and technology and media available 24/7, how do people not get burned out and stay fresh and energetic and creative with the computer and phone almost always on and within an arm’s reach. The second part of the interview focuses on Shlain’s recently published book entitled “24/6 – Giving Up Screens One Day a Week to Get More Time, Creativity and Connection” (October 2020, Gallery Books.)  Drawn from the ancient ritual of Shabbat, taking one day off to rest, renew and do no work, Shlain espouses the critical importance of taking a day of rest, particularly as we are now working from home more often.  “The important thing is to separate the work time from the home life, making distinctions about when we are on and when we are off.  Our society has not created much room for that, and this is the time for change.”  She continues, “We are never going back to the way it was, and I think that’s a good thing.  We are creating new work schedules that are more conducive to our lives.” Companies now have to reconsider their investment in and use of office space, and scheduling in-office work and meetings so that the entire team is there at the same time to enable face-to-face interactions and communications. Tiffany Shlain and team, no strangers to keynote addresses on meaningful social topics, launched their new program in early 2022 “The Future of Work and Well-being” which goes out to organizations large and small, profit and non-profit, to assist them explore the adjustments groups can make to recognize the new and improved reality of “hybrid work.” Tiffany Shlain’s website is Her book “24/6 – The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week” is here:  The full interview with Tiffany Shlain on GoToHealth Media is here:   

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