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Yo-Yo Diets Don’t Work – Heal Your Relationship with Food – Sabrina Magnan, Certified Nutrition Coach

If you constantly find yourself adhering to your diet perfectly for a couple of days, only to find yourself caving & uncontrollably binging on ALL foods (then feeling guilty for lacking willpower), today we are going to help you understand the fundamental mistakes that cause this cycle. We’re going to explain why trying to double down on discipline and willpower isn’t the solution and how to get out of this “binge and restrict” cycle for good.

Sabrina knows your pain.  “As a nearly professional ex-dieter, I know how exciting the first few weeks of a diet can feel – the praise and dopamine boost you get from people noticing your progress. And your jeans finally fitting!” 

She continues, “But I also know the heartbreak that comes from trying to relax just a little bit – having a cheat day turn into a cheat week, eventually falling right back into the old habits that got me dieting in the first place.  (actually… being worse off than when I started, with an extra layer of shame, guilty and misery that comes with the failure of yet another diet.)”

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Holistic Functional Health Coach at Sabrina Magnan Health Coaching | | Website | + more

Sabrina Magnan is a health coach who helps women stop bingeing & feeling controlled by food, without dieting or giving up the foods they love.  She is Board Certified by the American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches, and is a graduate from the Institute For Functional Health Coaching.  She is a "nearly professional" ex-dieter  who serves a community of over 1300 members, filled with high-achieving, driven and ambitious women ready to say "F you" to dieting and who are finally ready for a lasting transformation.  She has a thriving Health Coaching practice helping clients from all over the world pursue true, optimal health and create lasting changes in their life through an evidence-based framework - finding freedom and joy in their healthy habits!  "Healthy by Habit" is Sabrina's motto.