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03-3 8 Weeks to Wellness – Sheila Z Stirling PhD

Segment 3: Sheila Z. Stirling, PhD discusses her “8 Weeks to Wellness” program in which participants follow a custom-guided program to change the quality of their blood, reduce symptoms of disease, and improve the quality of life through improved nutrition, herbal remedies, and stress reduction. 

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Sheila Z. Stirling
Principal at True Life Solutions

Sheila Z. Stirling PhD has a PhD in Natural Health and runs True Life Solutions, Where Science Meets Holistic Healing.

She is certified in and practitioner of Live Blood Microscopy, Lymphology and Functional Nutrition counseling.

She is an award-winning author of: “An ounce of Prevention,” “Anatomy of Healing and Wellness,” “The Vibrant Life Cook Book,” and the CD "Sounds of The Soul.”

Sheila helps people achieve “Radical Wellness" regardless of age, working with clients remotely and in person. Her programs, classes and products are available online.

She works with clients both remotely and in person. Her classes and products are available online.

Sheila Z Stirling PhD
(702) 499 4408