Online Courses - Educate YOUR Audience

Fee or Free - Your Choice

Online learning is extremely popular and lucrative as a course creator.  According to Global Market Insights, the e-learning market was $315 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow 20% per year through 2028.  Your content can be learned worldwide, especially with the new hybrid work and learning world.  

Grab YOUR SHARE of the global learning market.  We can help.

How GoToHealth Media Can Help

  • Structure your online learning plan and content
  • Record and edit your video or audio content
  • Upload your content (written, video, audio) to a wonderful third-party online learning platform
  • Establish your pricing and payment methods if you wish to charge
  • Guide and assist with marketing, landing pages, and order forms, and payments
  •  Market your course to your target audience
  •  Track or teach you to track learner progress
  •  Set up and provide tracking reports
  •  Upsell your learners to other programs of yours
GoToHealth Media online learning course design

Online learning is an exciting business.  We’ve had two decades of experience, from online courses in medical writing training we sold in 30+ countries, to CME video series, to marketing training for health professional offices.  We identify audiences, engage them, bring them in as learners, and track their progress.  Come on in!  If you have a course idea let’s talk about possibilities, strategies, and next steps.

Let's create your Online Course together. Attract new learners and revenues.