GoToHealth Media Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is YOUR way of staying in contact with clients and prospects and keeping them up-to-date on what is happening.  We recommend sending email out on a consistent schedule (monthly at least) to keep your organization front-of-mind with your list.

Also, when new people come on to your list, email is a great way to welcome them and introduce them to your organization with special emails.

Email Marketing is part of the Family of Communications

Your email communications on a predictable basis inform your List (both clients and prospects) of continuing operations at your organization.

It’s good to repeat information, even if you think you’ve told people.  None of us remembers all information the first time we hear it.

Email is also a great way to announce new developments – services, staff members, pricing changes, coverage changes.

GoToHealth Media email marketing campaigns

In combination with using keywords that interest your audience (discovered from Search Engine Optimization), and the blogging and social media posts that can be generated from your email information, as well as any press releases you do to 350+ news sites, you enjoy a powerful and multi-media way of communicating with your clients that keeps them coming back and bringing in new relationships.

The secret to successful healthcare marketing is always speaking to solutions to peoples’ problems.  Noone cares what you do or how you do it.  They care if it can solve their problem.