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GoToHealth Media Designs and Builds WordPress Websites

We work with your Team to identify your key messages, the problems you solve for your clients, and the website structure and look and feel that will attract your ideal audience.  Of course we do keyword research to confirm the best wording and main navigation tabs for your website.

We believe WordPress is the best website builder, along with a myriad of supporting plugins that make your website sit up and beg.  (Website samples below were originally designed by GoToHealth Media.)

NewBrainNutrition Website
ADHD in Adults Website
Israel Healing Initiative Website
Migraine Help Guide Website
Abby Rosen PhD Website
Deb Colden website

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GoToHealth Media Premium Hosting for WordPress Websites

GoToHealth Media Hosting Features

  • Migrate your site for free
  • Hosting cost included in many Packages
  • Keep WordPress, and PHP up to date and patched
  • Provide top-notch WordPress security and malware protection (with free malware cleanup off the bat!)
  • FREE SSL certificate for your site (provides secure transactions
  • Provide you with blazing fast load times
  • Back up your site every night
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Multiple environments (LIVE and Draft versions)
  • Prime Security- protection with Firewall, DDOS (denial of service) mitigation from attackers
  • CDN – Content Delivery Network for faster delivery around the world

Add-On Services Available

  • Automatic updates of Plugins, Themes and WordPress Core with Smart Plugin Manager (Out of date plugins are the source of over 50% of security incidents on WordPress.)
  • Site speed boost with EverCache® – WP
  • Malware cleanup if your site gets infected
  • Google Analytics and Search Console results with monthly reporting and recommendations (This tells us what keywords are drawing visitors to your website.)
  • eCommerce Platform with Woo Commerce

GoToHealth Media Hosting vs Others

Them: Notoriously slow due to overcrowded servers and CPU limits.
Us: No limitations on shared hosting, focus on finding the right plan for you.

Surprise Pricing:
Them: Pricing can increase up to 300% after the promotional term.
Us: Clearly stated pricing with no surprise increases.

Where we win with WordPress:
Them: Basic support doesn’t specialize in WordPress; offers generalized hosting and VPS plans.
Us: All customers receive expert WordPress support, specialized in WordPress.

Them: No specific enterprise offering; managed WordPress core updates included, others premium.
Us: Positioned well within the fully managed hosting space with specialized plans and automatic WordPress updates for all customers.

GoToHealth Media Website Hosting Service