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Level HCS helps Doctors engage Medicare patients with Care Management Services

LEVEL Healthcare Solutions ( brings relief to provider offices with
reimbursable Chronic Care Services for Medicare patients which
provide engagement and improved health outcomes.

Medicare patients benefit from virtual (non-face-to-face) care coordination in between provider visits. One of the big challenges in effective healthcare is patient compliance. The doctor and patient discuss plans of action during the office visit, but it’s difficult for the patient to remember and/or follow through once they get home and back into daily life.

If a doctor has time to see a patient for only 15-20 minutes, how can they possibly manage the care of patients, especially if they have chronic diseases that need more than quarterly checkups? And what if the doctor’s office doesn’t have software or a bevy of coaches to assist in the service?

There is however a very effective solution with Care Management Services (CMS) from Medicare which are provided through doctor offices and are reimbursable to the physician. Further, CMS are available to Medicare patients at little to no out-of-pocket cost depending on one’s coverage. (Supplemental insurance can often cover all but a small co-pay fee.)

Enter LEVEL Healthcare Solutions. LEVEL HCS offers services for doctors and patients seeking to proactively manage any of a wide variety of chronic conditions: obesity, mental health, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

LEVEL HCS is reaching out to the patient between in-office clinical visits to help the patient follow provider recommendations. Through software, communications, and health coaching, the patient is consistently engaged and encouraged to stay on track toward their health goals.

Levi Chriss, CEO of LEVEL Healthcare Solutions says, “Our mission is to level the playing field for all doctors and patients by providing best-in-class chronic care and care coordination services between provider appointments. We work with the medical office to customize a program for each patient, implement the program, and then report to the provider on progress so the doctor is kept up-to-date on results.”

Chief Innovation Officer Eric Chiyembekeza states, “What is critical to our success with the provider and the patient is what is called ‘interoperability.’ We assure that our software and health coaching programs integrate with the provider’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System so that patient and coach updates are exchanged seamlessly into the office’s record system. With our expertise in interoperability, we take a lot of pressure off the doctor, provide value to the patient, and assure all information is up-to-date for the doctor’s office access in a highly secured environment.”

Learn how you as a provider or patient can benefit from the care coordination services of LEVEL HCS.

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Company: Level Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Contact Name: Levi Chriss, CEO
Address: P.O. Box 2428 Addison, TX 75001, United States

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Levi Chriss is the Chief Executive Officer for Level Healthcare Solutions. Levi has an extensive background in the Service and Technology industries including various leadership roles with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Hewlett Packard, MedSynergies (acquired by Optum360) and Oculus Health.  Throughout his career Levi has focused on solving industry challenges with the application of best-in-class solutions to meet needs of the client. Levi has a diverse background with experience in Technology Integration and Service Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and Product Management, Strategic Sourcing and Partner Management.