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MedAdvisor advises employers, providers, patients on stem cell therapy for pain.

Regenerative medicine may replace unnecessary surgeries for less cost and recovery time.
MedAdvisor consults with employers, patients, and others on available cell therapies and vetted clinics.

Stem cells, produced naturally by the body to heal injuries and wounds, can be extracted from a patient’s blood, concentrated, and then re-injected into chronic pain points, such as shoulders, knees, and hips, to help repair joints and reduce or eliminate pain without the cost, time, and recovery of some surgeries.

Our own bodies produce the proteins and growth factors which are now used in modern medicine to relieve pain and handle debilitating diseases normally addressed with surgeries and/or pharmaceuticals.

Stem cell therapy is a treatment used in a developing medical field called regenerative medicine. Doctors may repair damaged cells by replacing them with stem cells from the patient, reducing inflammation and better controlling the immune response. Formerly taken from embryonic stem cells, the latest technology has advanced where physicians may use an autologous or allogenic approach. Doctors may use the blood samples of patients to give them their own stem cells, autologous, or use an allogenic treatment, cells derived from donors following FDA compliant procedures for safety and effectiveness . Stem cells have the ability to repair/heal damaged cells, and may therefore overcome symptoms as well as resolve the actual problem . While stem cell therapy may not treat certain conditions, they may reduce inflammation and support the immune response enough to allow the body to repair itself, providing a higher quality of life for the patient.

Stem cells have been used successfully to treat blood cancers, and have shown positive results in clinical trials for patients with autoimmune, inflammatory, neurological, orthopedic conditions and traumatic injuries. While more research is necessary, numerous studies are being conducted on the use of stem cell therapies for Osteoarthritis, Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, COPD, Parkinson’s, ALS, and other medical conditions.

Most importantly, regenerative medicine is an alternative treatment that may help individuals delay or avoid surgeries and medications, thereby reducing cost and recovery time. Stem cell therapy is often an outpatient procedure with return to daily living routine within days or weeks, depending on the patient, medical condition, and other variables.

MedAdvisor, ( provides a unique and important service in this growing area of regenerative medicine, vetting the many new clinics which are opening to offer this revolution in healing. Standards of care and protocols have been established, and MedAdvisor works with various stakeholders to assure proper and reliable procedures.

MedAdvisor also consults with and plays an educational role for employers, patients, and other stakeholders, providing evidence-based information on the efficacy, consideration and potential uses of stem cell therapy.

“We see regenerative medicine as an evolving and legitimate field of medicine which uses our body’s own defenses to repair and transform injury and disease. Our purpose is to educate employers, healthcare providers, and patients about this new group of medical treatment options so that stem cell therapy is utilized, overseen, and vetted as a legitimate new option in healthcare,” says Anthony Hartley, Business Development Director for MedAdvisor. “We have positioned ourselves as credible and knowledgeable advisors to those who wish to learn more about stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine,” he added.

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Company: Patient Advisor, LLC
Contact Name: Anthony Hartley
Phone: 404-985-3519
Address:3365 Piedmont Road Northeast Suite 1400, Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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Anthony Hartley, MBA has healthcare experience in product development, business development, and corporate training. He has worked on many clinical trials. He and his cofounders have created a platform to educate, connect, and bring new therapies to patients.

Anthony's team consults with both individuals, employers and doctor offices, specializing in stem cell therapy and the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine.

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