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Self Healing with Stem Cell Therapy – Anthony Hartley MBA MedAdvisor

Are you suffering from knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain?
Did you know there is a proven alternative to surgery?

This is amazing. Our body produces stem cells which are used throughout life to heal injury.
Medical technology is now able to extract your own stem cells, process them, and inject them back into your body where it hurts. And this therapy, called regenerative medicine, is now keeping people out of surgery for years or perhaps life.

Just think. No surgery. No long recovery time. No drugs or chemicals.
Just processed stem cells from your own body.
What a miracle. And now medical science has found it.

Tune in to hear Anthony Hartley, whose company MedAdvisor advises patients, employers, and doctors on regenerative medicine.

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Co-Founder at at MedAdvisor | + more

Anthony Hartley, MBA has healthcare experience in product development, business development, and corporate training. He has worked on many clinical trials. He and his cofounders have created a platform to educate, connect, and bring new therapies to patients.

Anthony's team consults with both individuals, employers and doctor offices, specializing in stem cell therapy and the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine.

Anthony is reachable at: