Rejuvenate Your List

Oftentimes, we forget about the people on our list who previously expressed interest in one of our services, and shared their contact information with us.  Perhaps they paid for a service.  Perhaps not.

Your list of contacts can be  an extremely valuable asset.  All you have to do is reconnect with them about something new and special you are offering, and they will be the most likely to accept your offer….. because they already are familiar with you.

This can be a much quicker path to clients coming in or back for new services, rather than warming up people who are unfamiliar with you.

We can tailor a program to rejuvenate your list and bring you new revenue.

Rejuvenating YOUR List

  • Let’s discuss a special offering to bring people back
  • Identify those on your list most potentially interested
  • Settle on pricing, services, and even an upsell
  • We handle the outreach Campaign, getting your list to respond to your offer
  • You handle the client interactions, closing on purchases, and collecting useful feedback for the future
  • Together we assess the campaign, adjust our approach, and make a second or different offer
  • You collect new revenues while profiting from our fixed price agreement
Rejuvenate Your List with GoToHealth Media

Let's Rejuvenate Your List