Video Production Services

Video is a powerful medium for communication because it engages multiple senses with picture, voice, music, graphics, emotion.  We’ve been producing medical and health videos since 2001.  700,000+ views on our ADHD YouTUBE channel. We’ve created a variety of styles for a variety of clients.

How can we help make you "famous" with video?
Let's brainstorm solutions.

Sample Services we provide to reach your audience:
  • LIVE video shoot
  • Digital graphics and image video
  • Audio and video interview of Key Speaker (great for meetings and promotions)
  • Lecture / Learning series
  • Record a CME Session
  • Editing
  • YouTube Channel creation, posting, optimization
GoToHealth video production services

Samples of Videos created for clients.

Video from our recent “Crushing Cancer” GoToHealth Show.

Live Action video for our client New Brain Nutrition.

EXCERPTS from a CME Presentation. Learn more about our Continuing Medical Education (CME) Services.

Voice-over video to promote a recent blog for ADHDinAdults.  

Audio interview with annotations.  Great for promoting the upcoming APSARD meeting.  14,000 views.

We love video. So powerful. Let's create some together.