The YouTube - QR Code - SEO Optimization Package

Point your phone camera and see how easy it is to get a web visit. You can have this too!
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Enjoy even MORE GoToHealth Video views!
We will:

  • Create a QR Code that links to your website
  • Edit your video with the QR code in the video
  • Post your video on YouTube, and optimize it with keywords to optimize views.
  • Put the QR Code on your GoToHealth webpage
  • Send you the code to EMBED your video on your webpage

Order Today. Save 50%
Be the Cool Kid on Your Block!
    Normally $295.


Why upgrade your Video with this YouTube QRCode Package?

1. YouTube Expertise!
We know YouTube.  We’ve been on for 10 years.
We’ll optimize your GoToHealth video for keywords and provide a link to your website in the description. (Proof: One of our channels has 750,000+ views.  A second has 150,000+ views.)
We post your GoToHealth video on our GoToHealth YouTube Channel.
Grab YOUR SHARE of YouTube Views!
2. QR Codes
     The NEW Must Have!
QR Codes are everywhere – restaurant menus, websites, print advertising. We’ll create a QR Code that takes people to your website. We’ll embed the QR Code in your video and on your GoToHealth Video Page. Enjoy more website traffic from YouTube.
The healthcare industry is the second largest to use QR codes, up almost 4x year over year!!
Of all QR Codes scanned by consumers, Wellness and Healthcare Codes are in the top 5 industries.
QRCode use in healthcare 2022vs2021
Fastest growth in QR Codes in Wellness and Medical
3. Put your YouTube interview
    on YOUR website!

We send you code to put  your YourTube video on YOUR website.
That way you get the traffic to your site.
We both enjoy the more Show views. WIN-WIN.
Enjoy more traffic to your website from YouTube.

Order Today. Save 50%
Be the Cool Kid on Your Block!
    Normally $295.


For your Information:

We can also create your own YouTube channel, optimize it, and help you with videos. Contact us at
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