Safe Aging at Home – Homewatch Connect Todd Houghton

Safe Aging at Home- Homewatch Connect

Safe Aging at Home – Homewatch ConnectTodd Houghton, President and CEO Nearly 40% of adults over age 60 report feeling lonely.  Did you know that loneliness and depression can be the leading factor in cognitive decline including dementia? Thankfully, technology is playing a big role in seniors lives by letting them live independently and […]

AARP Caregiver’s Travel Guide for Disabled Patients – Amy Goyer

AARP Caregiver Travel Guide for Disabled Patients Amy Goyer

AARP Caregiver’s Travel Guide for Disabled PatientsAmy Goyer – Family Caregiving Expert Did you know there are 48 million caregivers in the U.S.? That’s one in  7 of us.  Amazing individuals who provide for parents, children, disabled friends or relatives. Unfortunately it can be a stressful job.  40% say they rarely feel relaxed. 60% […]

The 6 Keys to Positive Aging – Patricia Raskin M.ED CPC

Six Keys to Positive Aging Patricia Raskin MS CPC

The Six Keys to Positive Aging – Patricia Raskin, M.ED CPC Raskin, MS CPC, has been in the broadcasting, training, and wellness industry for over 40 years.  She is an expert in Positive Living and more recently Positive Aging, and keeping up with technology by successfully launching a podcast with over 5,000 interviews on […]

Wild Caught Seafood – Health Benefits and Sustainable Eating – Roxana Ehsani MS RD

Wild Caught Seafood: Health benefits and sustainable eating - Roxana Ehsani MS RD

Wild-Caught Seafood: Health Benefits and Sustainable Eating – Roxana Ehsani, MS RD Fish and seafood are excellent lean protein sources without any of the saturated fats of meat. Introducing more seafood into your diet may yield numerous health and nutrition benefits. Seafood is also better than meat as it lowers the risks of heart disease, stroke, […]

Mental Health Awareness – Reducing Stigma, Seeking Support

James Polo MD Mental Health Action Day GoToHealth Media

Mental Health AwarenessReducing Stigma, Seeking Support James Polo, MD While the topic of mental health has become less taboo in recent years, many still struggle to talk about it or seek out help. Data from the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that less than half of adults with mental illnesses (only 47%) received mental health services […]

Solving the Crisis in Black Women’s Maternal Health – Jamil Norman PhD RN CNE

Solving the Black Maternal Health Crisis - Jami Norman PhD

Jamil Norman, PhD RN CNE, is the Associate Dean of the BSN nursing program at Walden University.  She is also a researcher in Black Women’s Maternal Health.  Maternal death rates among African American women (during pregnancy and post-partum) are three times that of White Women. In this in-depth interview we explore 1) fundamentals of the […]

Healing Israel Palestine Trauma with Neuromodulation with Orli Peter, PhD

On October 7, 2023 Hamas attacked southern Israel in a vicious massacre that resulted in 1,200 deaths and 240 hostages taken to Gaza, effecting Israeli citizens from 40 different nationalities.  This has resulted in an Israel-Palestine war which has claimed a further 14,000 Gazan lives, half of whom are children. The trauma caused by these […]

For Women – Setting and Living Healthy Boundaries – Glen Alex LCSW

For Women - Setting and Living Healthy Boundaries - Glen Alex LCSW

Glen Alex, LCSW is an Award-Winning Author of the book “Living in Total Health,” as well as being a Coach, Speaker and Teacher.  In this video series, she focuses on setting and living healthy boundaries, especially for women. From our interview Glen advises, “It is incredibly unrealistic to believe that you can figure everything out […]

Senior Health and Wellness with Supplements – Isagenix – Sherry Scott CHN

Senior Health and Wellness with Supplements Sherry Scott Isagenix

As we age, seniors have a tendency to gain unhealthy weight and develop skin problems, both of which can effect self-esteem as well as overall health. Sherry Scott, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, shares two popular science-backed products from Isagenix, used by thousands of people worldwide to help them lose weight (and keep it off!), fight cravings, […]

How the Gut Microbiome effects Mental Health

How the Gut Microbiome Effects Mental Health - Miryam Bloemendaal PhD

The gut-brain connection is now well-established. It’s a two-way information super-highway between your gut and your brain which is how these two organs communicate about their state and what to do next. The gut microbiome is also now understood. It’s the colony of bacteria, viruses, and micro-nutrients that inhabit your intestines and determine the state […]