The 6 Keys to Positive Aging – Patricia Raskin M.ED CPC

Six Keys to Positive Aging Patricia Raskin MS CPC

The Six Keys to Positive Aging – Patricia Raskin, M.ED CPC Raskin, MS CPC, has been in the broadcasting, training, and wellness industry for over 40 years.  She is an expert in Positive Living and more recently Positive Aging, and keeping up with technology by successfully launching a podcast with over 5,000 interviews on […]

The Blessings and Poetry of Chronic Illness – Abby Caplin, MD

The Poetry and Blessings of Chronic Illness- Abby Caplin, MD

Abby Caplin, MD counsels California Clients with Chronic Illness Every once in awhile, we invite a health expert on the show who is also engaged in the arts.  While medical science is the language of facts, research, data,  diagnosis and treatment, the arts is the language of the heart.  And when we combine the language […]