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For Women – Setting and Living Healthy Boundaries – Glen Alex LCSW

Glen Alex, LCSW is an Award-Winning Author of the book “Living in Total Health,” as well as being a Coach, Speaker and Teacher.  In this video series, she focuses on setting and living healthy boundaries, especially for women.

From our interview Glen advises, “It is incredibly unrealistic to believe that you can figure everything out for yourself all the time and make it work…. It takes strength to say ‘Hey! I can’t do this myself…. I need some outside guidance.'”

So in our interview, we have some wonderful guidance on how to get your life to be more enriched – especially if you struggle with anxiety, depression, low confidence, and low self-esteem.  Glen’s book and coaching can train you to be more fulfilled and productive.

Segment 1: Living in Total Health - Award winning book

Segment 2: Wellth Coaching - Six sessions with Glen

Setting Her Own Boundaries - Glen's Journey

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Glen Alex, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, and Wellth Coach at Glen Alex | 702-807-7349 | | Website

Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health, 2021 Indie Book Award Winner for Health & Wellness, host of The Glen Alex Show, Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, and Wellth Coach. Her life's work is about total health and the whole person--the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Glen believes that those living in total health will right the world's wrong, elevate respect for humanity, and eliminate isms.

Glen's mission is to help every one she can to be joyful, connected, confident, and complete. She expresses this drive to facilitate optimal health in others through writing, counseling, coaching, speaking, online courses, and The Glen Alex Show which focuses on a different aspect of health each episode. The Glen Alex show, in its fourth year, is available on Youtube, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms. Glen's award winning book Living In Total Health is available in hardcover and ebook. Visit to order and for more information about Glen.