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Healthy Boundaries: A Must for Mental Health – Glen Alex, LCSW

Let’s have an honest conversation about stress, anxiety and depression.
They are not simply symptoms of family history or chemical imbalance.

Often I’ve seen in my practice that these expressions of poor mental health are caused by poor, weak, or NO boundaries.
I’ve seen so many cases of  how poor boundaries contribute to poor mental health.
But saying “No” is not the only boundary you need.

The unwillingness to say no, the lack of awareness of harmful people, and unhealthy expectations can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelm, which all negatively impact mental AND physical health.

Tune in to learn how you can improve your health by developing healthy boundaries, the foundation of mental health and wellness. 

2021 Indie Book Award

Boundaries Questionnaire

“My path to health began with boundaries. I was shy and whenever around people I would sit and watch, drawn to the nuances of interaction. And I could tell when people were pleased or pained by what someone else said or did. I could see when lines (boundaries) were crossed.

And I went from watching, to learning, to experiencing, and now to teaching about boundaries and total health. Without the understanding of what boundaries are, how they work, and personal responsibility, then we make poor choices that put us in mental and physical harm’s way.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist for 20+ years and have worked with adults carrying old wounds from being abused or mistreated by others with poor boundaries.

Host of The Glen Alex Show-(TGAS)-each show focuses on a different aspect of health with an expert in that area. TGAS is in its 4th year and is available on YouTube, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts + other platforms. My Mission: to assist as many people as I can to be joyful, connected, confident, and complete–the life experience I call Wellth, which is health plus other riches.”

Glen Alex, LCSW and Psychotherapist

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Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, and Wellth Coach at Glen Alex | 702-807-7349 | | Website | + more

Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health, 2021 Indie Book Award Winner for Health & Wellness, host of The Glen Alex Show, Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, and Wellth Coach. Her life's work is about total health and the whole person--the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Glen believes that those living in total health will right the world's wrong, elevate respect for humanity, and eliminate isms.

Glen's mission is to help every one she can to be joyful, connected, confident, and complete. She expresses this drive to facilitate optimal health in others through writing, counseling, coaching, speaking, online courses, and The Glen Alex Show which focuses on a different aspect of health each episode. The Glen Alex show, in its fourth year, is available on Youtube, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms. Glen's award winning book Living In Total Health is available in hardcover and ebook. Visit to order and for more information about Glen.