Safe Aging at Home – Homewatch Connect Todd Houghton

Safe Aging at Home- Homewatch Connect

Safe Aging at Home – Homewatch ConnectTodd Houghton, President and CEO Nearly 40% of adults over age 60 report feeling lonely.  Did you know that loneliness and depression can be the leading factor in cognitive decline including dementia? Thankfully, technology is playing a big role in seniors lives by letting them live independently and […]

Mental Health Awareness – Reducing Stigma, Seeking Support

James Polo MD Mental Health Action Day GoToHealth Media

Mental Health AwarenessReducing Stigma, Seeking Support James Polo, MD While the topic of mental health has become less taboo in recent years, many still struggle to talk about it or seek out help. Data from the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that less than half of adults with mental illnesses (only 47%) received mental health services […]

For Women – Setting and Living Healthy Boundaries – Glen Alex LCSW

For Women - Setting and Living Healthy Boundaries - Glen Alex LCSW

Glen Alex, LCSW is an Award-Winning Author of the book “Living in Total Health,” as well as being a Coach, Speaker and Teacher.  In this video series, she focuses on setting and living healthy boundaries, especially for women. From our interview Glen advises, “It is incredibly unrealistic to believe that you can figure everything out […]

How the Gut Microbiome effects Mental Health

How the Gut Microbiome Effects Mental Health - Miryam Bloemendaal PhD

The gut-brain connection is now well-established. It’s a two-way information super-highway between your gut and your brain which is how these two organs communicate about their state and what to do next. The gut microbiome is also now understood. It’s the colony of bacteria, viruses, and micro-nutrients that inhabit your intestines and determine the state […]

Important Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet – Jordi Salas Salvado MD

Important Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Jordi Salas MD

Clinical trials of The Mediterranean Diet show Important Health Benefits Clinical trials of the Mediterranean Diet show important health benefits – both physically and mentally. The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, fish, some chicken, and olive oil – all foods readily available in the Mediterranean region. Dr. Jordi Salas Salvado, MD has […]

Adaptive vs Maladaptive Impulsivity – Jaanus Harro MD PhD – New Brain Nutrition

Adaptive and Maladaptive Impulsivity Jaanus Harro New Brain Nutrition

The New Brain Nutrition project, a consortium of 18 European University Hospitals, has conducted clinical research on how lifestyle and nutrition effect mental health. Jaanus Harro, MD PhD, Professor of Psychophysiology at the University of Tartu, discusses the longitudinal research (following participants from 15 years of age until 35 years) he had conducted on what […]

Why Lifestyle Intervention is Key to Mental Health

Why Lifestyle Intervention is Key for Mental Health - Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga MD

When we think of mental health and associated services, we usually think of various kinds of mental health therapy. We are learning however that our brain function is really a part of our body, and that many things good for the body are also good for the brain. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, MD is the Head […]

Satisfying Intimacy and Sex for the Long Haul – Jenni Skyler, PhD LMFT CST

Satisfying Intimacy and Sex for the Long Haul - Jenni Skyler PhD

Certified sex therapist, Dr. Jenni Skyler, discusses the lesser known ingredients that are essential for bolstering your sex life in a long-term relationship. As a relationship expert, she offers how our sexual well-being can be fed in many ways: emotionally, intellectually, tactically, and/or spiritually. Listeners will walk away with a deeper understanding of the intricacies […]

Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace with 24/6 – Tiffany Shlain

Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace with 24-6 - Tiffany Shlain

Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, Marshall McLuhan Book Award Winner,  Founder of the Webby Awards, and Albert Einstein Foundation Genius, joins us for a delightful and informative conversation about the future of work in a hybrid world – working in combination at home and in-office, and how to balance what can be an endless, always-on, always-receiving […]