Important Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet – Jordi Salas Salvado MD

Important Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Jordi Salas MD

Clinical trials of The Mediterranean Diet show Important Health Benefits Clinical trials of the Mediterranean Diet show important health benefits – both physically and mentally. The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, fish, some chicken, and olive oil – all foods readily available in the Mediterranean region. Dr. Jordi Salas Salvado, MD has […]

Work Out Your Fat Shame with Bevin’s Fat Kid Dance Party

Work Out Your Fat Shame with Bevin's Fat Kid Dance Party

Are you embarrassed about your weight, the shape of your body, being out of shape, or disabled in some way? So many folks are out of touch with their bodies due to shame. If shame created health results, then everyone would be thin in a society that stigmatizes fat bodies.But shame keeps us inactive, hidden, […]

02-3 Hiking Fitness Health and Safety – David Smith MDiv

For the last 20 years, David Smith, MDiv has explored mountain trails in the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, New England, and lately Las Vegas.¬† He knows how to trek, survive and be safe in all kinds of mountain conditions and weather. In this session, he will focus on Tips for enjoying the outdoors safely.¬†Conditioning, hydration, […]