Unique New Poetry Collection “A Doctor Only Pretends” by Abby Caplin, MD MA

The Poetry and Blessings of Chronic Illness- Abby Caplin, MD

A new book of poetry by Abby Caplin, MD called “A Doctor Only Pretends” uses her experience as physician and chronic illness patient to capture and share insights on illness, death, and life. When patients visit the doctor’s office, they think of the physician as simply “the doctor,” and they think of themselves as “the […]

Sociologist Shares How to Manage Disruptive Change & Organization Transformation

MW Advising Marya Wilson PhD

MW Advising uses a Synergistic Leadership Model to help organizations achieve success with strong leadership, clear goals and communication, goal achievement balanced with compassion for staff. Are you a front-line employee, supervisor, manager, or executive in an organization that is going through significant change? Is your organization suffering from chaotic change, increases in sick leave, […]

GoToHealth Media Wins Outstanding Education Award at Education 2.0 Conference

GoToHealth Media Wins Outstanding Education Award 2022

The International Education 2.0 Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 6-8, 2022, and the hometown company GoToHealth Media, LLC was recognized for an Outstanding Leadership Award in Education. A three-day, knowledge-intensive conference, the Education 2.0 Conference attracts the most dynamic leaders in the education sector and brings fresh insights and perspectives to empower, inspire, […]

Level HCS helps Doctors engage Medicare patients with Care Management Services

Level Healthcare Solutions Equitable Approach to Care Delivery

LEVEL Healthcare Solutions (LEVELHCS.com) brings relief to provider offices with reimbursable Chronic Care Services for Medicare patients which provide engagement and improved health outcomes. Medicare patients benefit from virtual (non-face-to-face) care coordination in between provider visits. One of the big challenges in effective healthcare is patient compliance. The doctor and patient discuss plans of action […]

Mobile app helps Multiple Sclerosis patients by quantifying neurologic function – BeCare Link

BeCare Link

BeCareLink empowers patients with MS / other neurologic conditions via Mobile App providing validated, quantitative measurements of neurologic function and cognition, improving reporting and care. BeCareLink is a Digital Health Startup company (https://becarelink.com) improving the care of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions by creating novel tools to quantify neurologic and cognitive function […]

MedAdvisor advises employers, providers, patients on stem cell therapy for pain.

MedAdvisor Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine may replace unnecessary surgeries for less cost and recovery time. MedAdvisor consults with employers, patients, and others on available cell therapies and vetted clinics. Stem cells, produced naturally by the body to heal injuries and wounds, can be extracted from a patient’s blood, concentrated, and then re-injected into chronic pain points, such as […]

“Make America Healthy” – New Podcast from YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw

Make America Healthy

Visionary Wellness expert and YogaFit founder Beth Shaw launches a weekly hour-long show called “Make America Healthy,” promoting paths to health and wellnessto national and international audiences. Beth Shaw, the creative visionary and entrepreneur in health and fitness, wellness educator, best-selling author, philanthropist, and founder of YogaFit is launching an exciting new podcast on Wednesday […]