Why Lifestyle Intervention is Key to Mental Health

Why Lifestyle Intervention is Key for Mental Health - Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga MD

When we think of mental health and associated services, we usually think of various kinds of mental health therapy. We are learning however that our brain function is really a part of our body, and that many things good for the body are also good for the brain. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, MD is the Head […]

The Blessings and Poetry of Chronic Illness – Abby Caplin, MD

The Poetry and Blessings of Chronic Illness- Abby Caplin, MD

Abby Caplin, MD counsels California Clients with Chronic Illness Every once in awhile, we invite a health expert on the show who is also engaged in the arts.  While medical science is the language of facts, research, data,  diagnosis and treatment, the arts is the language of the heart.  And when we combine the language […]

Turning Burnout Into Joy – The Power of Resilience – Mamta Gautam, MD

Turning Burnout into Joy Mamta Gautam MD

How do we recognize, acknowledge, and heal burnout, especially in healthcare? Mamta Gautam, MD and psychiatrist to health professionals, has seen the Covid pandemic first hand through the eyes of the medical professionals she serves. The healthcare system, like our world, has been called VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.  For many of us, and particularly […]

01-1 ADHD Facts from Worldwide Research – Stephen V Faraone PhD

ADHD facts from worldwide research

This World Federation of ADHD International Consensus of 208 Conclusions about the ADHD challenges the misconceptions about ADHD. The empirically supported statements are approved by 80 authors from 27 countries on 6 continents. Read the full content of the ADHD International Consensus Statement

01-2 Forgetful and Disorganized? Old Age or ADHD? David W Goodman MD

Forgetful and disorganized? Old Age or ADHD?

Visit Dr. Goodman’s website Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is commonly associated with children who are inattentive, distractible, impulsive, and fidgety. However, ADHD persists for many children into adulthood and older age. Unfortunately few clinicians are aware of this lifelong disorder and easily discount memory and attention decline to getting older. ADHD in older adults occurs […]

01-3 ADHD Patient Education and Reminders via 2-way Texting – mysofia Joseph Biederman MD


(Simple Online Family Intervention for ADHD) SOFIA is an evidence-based health intervention to support families of children with ADHD. SOFIA sends reminders and educational messages about your child’s medication and treatment, how to handle daily activities, school, family relationships, and ADHD in general. A customized personal experience, SOFIA sends reminders and educational messages about your […]